Wednesday, December 03, 2014

I'm hurt. I can't Breathe.

Respectfully  - Tamir Rice  November 22, 2014 John Crawford August 4, 2014 
 Michael Brown August 9, 2014  Eric Garner July 17, 2014 Trayvon Martin February 26, 2012

Usually I focus on light weight banter about fashion, style, and all that stuff. I highlight the strengths, beauty, passion, motivation behind Black Men, from a fashion perspective. My Father is Black, My Brothers, My Nephew's, My Uncles, My Cousins, Teachers, Friends, Neighbors, Acquaintances, Strangers, Mates, Colleagues are also Black. My President, Senator, Attorney General, Garbage Men, Engineers, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Artists, Pastor, future sons, grandsons, great grandsons are Black. And I am tired. My heart is broken, but I am not broken. I am committed to my future, to my legacy, to my sons. I can't pretend that this is not reality. So for the next year the tone of this blog will change. I'm going a different direction. We're moving in the direction of charity, and giving.  I'm going to do all that I can, to establish a safe place, safe forum, a network, and positive image for Black Men. My focus will not be highlighting their image to the public, but more on touching lives. Faith without action is dead. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Alan Ferguson

I love Solange. But his shoes though - Well Done. Interesting, today's 50 looks like 30.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interview Series - Christ Like

Hey Guys,

I'm excited to start a new segment within this blog. It's the interview series. Once a month, I'll be interviewing stylish Go-Getter chaps. We'll discuss fashion, their style, career, aspirations, foundation, core, purpose, all that good stuff. What I hope to achieve, is some insight on the source of the individuals expression or inspiration. Fashion is an outward expression of who you are and what you feel, for most of us typically. So let's dig in, and capture the source!

Thank you to graphic designer Nii Djarbeng, for creating all my flyers and business cards :-) Check him out on fb -


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blazed - Hot or Not

Blazed- Hot or Not. Now I personally love this blazer, I think a cleaner more put together look would have given this blazer the shine it deserves. The jeans, t-shirt and sneakers don't work well with the blazer. 

Here are some reasons why: It's not a question of quality, the pieces don't look cheap. They just don't go. The jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers combo aren't age appropriate for the blazer. The t-shirt is too long. It extends the top half of his body, and shortens his legs, giving him a disproportionate silhouette. The sneakers are a little to high, and also cut off length from his legs. 

Tucking the shirt in, and opting for a leather/ leather like belt, while pressing the jeans once more, and opting for some neutral low top sneakers, would have given this look more cohesion. Opting for a v-neck t-shirt would have also given more depth and texture to the look, along with reducing the effect of the disproportionate top.

The easiest way to pull off a blazer, is to have supporting pieces that are simple/ basic (no design but of high quality and or texture), tailored fit ( pieces that are well proportioned to your physique), and neutral in color (to allow the pattern of the blazer to stand out). Now if your budget conscious and have a great eye, you can get away with cheaper qualities of material, if the texture looks rich, the stitching is intricate, cut or design is tailored for you. But it's a give and take. You really have to have an eye for it, to know that, hey, this just looks cheap as oppose to this looks great for the season, lol.  

Some alternative styling would have been:

Slacks, fitted sweater, and neutral shoes (Brogues, Oxfords, Chucks, Vans, any low top sneaker). The fit on Dwyane Wade, works well for this Blazer. Depending on how flashy you are, you can choose a sweater with a pop of color and neutral slacks, or keep both neutral, all white, all black, tan/brown. You can also pop the look, with a pop of color with your shoes. With this look, it's a perfect combination of semi dressy/ semi casual. 

 Slacks, a button down, leather or leather like belt and a pair of oxfords, brogues, wingtips,  vans, chucks (depending on how formal or semi casual you wanted to go). 

For a more dressed up formal look:

Slacks, button down, vest, dress shoes, pocket square, and plenty of personality or should I say confidence.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Kind of Casual- Street Style

Dubai Sneaks

Hey Fellas,

I had a short trip to Dubai, this week. But while there I fell in love with the sneakers below. I'm pretty sure they are in the states as well. Just appreciated them. They are a light cloth like material. Very stylish. Great for warmer climates. While in Dubai, a friend of mine and I picked out a gandoora (Long White Robe- like shirt), a keffiyeh (Scarflike) and an agal to hold the keffiyeh in place.  The trip was definitely a learning experience. Broaden your horizons!