Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week

1st day of classes, and my professor starts it with the quote above. I so love this professor. I'm going to do research with him. My thesis will be with him. 

You know often when encountering something challenging in your life, your perspective influences the level of success you have in accomplishing, persevering, and prospering through that challenge. Not only that, the perspective that your teachers, mentor, friends, colleagues, family members, and significant other have, also impacts your level of success with that challenge. Make sure that whatever your entering into, those leading you, around you, cheering for you, believe in you, and can already see your success.

Nope- Nothing Can Stop Me. Not Even Me!

Sunday, January 05, 2014


It's not enough to be saved, to live righteously, or to be holy. In order to live that fulfilling life, you must have purpose, you must serve a function. What is your purpose.What were you intended to do, and are you doing it? There's a purpose, a function, and a place for everything. God made no mistakes.

So with that being said, how do you determine your purpose, your function. You need to go back to the basics, the core you. Think about these two points:

1. What excites you, what are you passionate about.
2. What frustrates you, upsets you, if you could change, you would change.

Excerpts from today's service- TD Jakes.

So I'm working on mine, and really trying to break through all the layers, all the noise, outside expectations, to determine what my purpose is. I challenge you to take a step out and discover your true purpose, your hidden talents, your potential.

For me, I started thinking about what truly makes me happy. But I find when I do exercises like this, I tend to lie to myself. So I stopped. Rather, I went into my email, and started looking at emails from friends. A friend of mine, sent me a link to a photographer she met recently. So I open up the link, and am directed to his showcase. There, I start viewing his spectacular pictures. After 10 minutes of browsing through his site, I clicked on the contacts section. And found that he had a NY contact number, BINGO. Then my eyes darted through the section to the email address. My immediate thoughts were interning with him. I was hesitant to email him thinking, well he's based in London and what not... Nonetheless, my little voice kept suggesting that it was possible. So I sent the email. 

By just checking my emails, I was able to pinpoint one of my passions. Photography- capturing moments that evoke emotion.

Now as I'm drafting this post, as I described my passion for photography, mathematics came to mind. Which has been an obvious love of mine. But boy have I had outside resistance in pursing that subject. I can honestly recall since high school. I had natural talent with mathematics, put a little effort and I'd get it. but what to do with it as a career besides teaching. All  roads seemed to lead to teaching. Which is absolutely incorrect. But most people, including my family, and those I interacted with believe that and actually still do. So what's wrong with teaching. Absolutely nothing. However it's not as financially lucrative as being an engineer, developer, doctor, lawyer etc. Or so we think. It's factual to an extent but there are definitely trade-offs in each profession. Anyway my passion has never been the route of teaching but mathematics. 

So once I finally got over my hangups of where I'd end up after pursuing a degree in mathematics, I enrolled in the Master's program. But I tell you, it was difficult in-terms of telling family members confidently, because I knew the reaction wouldn't be one of excitement. More so of apprehension. But hey, I have to do what I like. My life, my future, my passion. What's yours?

Saturday, January 04, 2014


Hey Guys!

So it's 2014. And I kicked it off with an end of year wedding, and partying at a bar. So not what I had planned. It's funny for the past two years my intentions have been to party, and eventually I wind up staying at home. This year, I was looking forward to drinking some hot chocolate and watching some TD Jakes in my living room. But I guess what man proposes, God disposes. Nonetheless good times.

So resolutions, not really. More like lifestyle changes, goals, and aspirations. Last year I was griping about finally starting my Master's program. Well, check, lol. It's amazing when I think about it. My program is only 10 courses with a thesis being optional. So with the right discipline, I will be finished by this time next year! And just like that, a Masters. God is great! I've finally gotten over my programming fear. I conquered Matlab last semester by force. And realized, I allow my fears to dictate my actions too often.

Some 1st quarter goals: Learn how to program in SAS, become a proficient SAS programmer. Learn how to program in SQL. It's been years since I wrote a query, it's about time, I get back to it. Hair- lol. So I'm giving extensions a break, specifically weaves. And no, not because I'm tired of them. I really like them. And the break gives my hair less stress truth be told. Effectively stimulating growth and maintaining length. But  what to do after the first 2 weeks of taking out my extensions, lol. I always have issues maintaining my hair length beyond a certain point without the assistance of extensions. It's my relief. But I'm weening myself off of the dependence. One thing that my Mom has been telling me to do for years, is steaming my hair. And shit, finally I have ears to listen. So I'll be tracking how my hair responds to it. Since it's winter here, I've found that I've been putting on a steam cap every few days, to retain moisture. I've found my hair is softer, and I have less shedding. I've also noticed my ends are curling - yes my permed hair is curling (probably because I twist it), as oppose to looking frayed and fried. So there's the hair update. Also as a protective style, I've been pinning my hair up.

 So on the makeup tip. I'm not much of a makeup girl, but I want to learn how to Glam up without assistance. So I've joined Mary Kay. I'm super excited about it. Looking to learn, grow, and become more DIVA. So check out my site:

Oh yes, I've picked up the camera, Again, lol. My sis got me a tripod for Christmas, and a friend asked me to photograph his wedding, hence the end of year wedding. So I was inspired and upgraded my lens. Nothing crazy, but I love it. It's a 28mm F1.8 Cannon wide angle lens. It definitely solves some of the issues and frustrations I had with my other 2 lenses. I used the Sigma 18mm - 200mm lens (I'm speaking off the cuff, so forgive me if the dimensions are off), and the 50-55mm F1.8 lens. Both were great, but weren't wide angle lenses. The Sigma was nice, but not as sharp, especially when I zoomed out. So I'll be heading to the city at least once a month to shoot shoots, and develop my skills.

As per my little Lady - FashionedLouise. I want to double my subscribers, and add 100 more likes to the facebook page. While I do have these goals, my focus is going to be on quality. I really want to produce great pieces that are inspirational, thought provoking, entertaining, and uplifting. This fashion blog is a piece of me, and I'm going hard, lol. I think this year I'm ready to start collaborating with other bloggers, other brands, organizations, charities etc. This is a winning year, so Let's do this.

On the flip tip, I'm ready to head back to work. I got an internship a couple days out of the work, but I really need some income, lol. This semester wasn't too bad, and I know I can handle working a "40" hour week. So I'm up for the challenge. It's a busy season, but a good one. :-)