Wednesday, December 03, 2014

I'm hurt. I can't Breathe.

Respectfully  - Tamir Rice  November 22, 2014 John Crawford August 4, 2014 
 Michael Brown August 9, 2014  Eric Garner July 17, 2014 Trayvon Martin February 26, 2012

Usually I focus on light weight banter about fashion, style, and all that stuff. I highlight the strengths, beauty, passion, motivation behind Black Men, from a fashion perspective. My Father is Black, My Brothers, My Nephew's, My Uncles, My Cousins, Teachers, Friends, Neighbors, Acquaintances, Strangers, Mates, Colleagues are also Black. My President, Senator, Attorney General, Garbage Men, Engineers, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Artists, Pastor, future sons, grandsons, great grandsons are Black. And I am tired. My heart is broken, but I am not broken. I am committed to my future, to my legacy, to my sons. I can't pretend that this is not reality. So for the next year the tone of this blog will change. I'm going a different direction. We're moving in the direction of charity, and giving.  I'm going to do all that I can, to establish a safe place, safe forum, a network, and positive image for Black Men. My focus will not be highlighting their image to the public, but more on touching lives. Faith without action is dead. 

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