Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wallet Series

So I headed to Nigeria, for a super short week. There, I picked up a few wallets and handbags. Typically most leather pieces are made in the North, and traders from Lagos, travel there to trade, and purchase goods to sell in Lagos. To Commemorate this country of mine, I'm doing a short series (5 posts) on wallets from my country land, Spring Wallets. Although, you can definitely wear them year round.

On the style front, I love all sorts of wallets. But majority of men tend to keep it very simple, with a typical black leather wallet. Which is cool, but boring. For me regardless of the style, or texture I prefer a distressed looked. What does that mean, simply the wallet has been tested through time, been broken in, but is not on its last thread, lol. Adds character. As you elevate in status and/or age, you should have a leather wallet.

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