Thursday, October 29, 2015

Focus- Stretching You

Today was a deceiving type of day. Better yet, distracting. I woke up this morning, like 2am off of a shitty dream. The dream had me shook. I was scared, frustrated and nearly forgot whose I am. So rather then getting all caught up, wallowing, and being miserable for the next few hours, I turned on my Christian music. I allowed that to lead me, calm me, and bring me back to peace with God. You know it sucks to feel scared, helpless, hopeless, and reliant on someone else to give you that sense of security. Not talking about a boyfriend or anything like that, but more along the lines of spiritual guidance, and relying on a Pastor.

As I continue to grow in my relationship with God, I find that I'm more equipped to handle spiritual attacks, to recognize spiritual attacks, and to react appropriately in real time. Rather then having to be at someones mercy. So this is a point for another day, but an important point nonetheless. I cancel the dream, listen to my Christian music (Tina Campbell if your curious, Mali Music, and Abel Chungu Musuka- Zambian Artist. Side note Mali Music Walk on Water is my song.), and get started with the day.

I had an event I put together at work. The event was pretty successful, but there were some factors or conflicts that completely took me out of my element. Although the event was successful the conflicts stole my Joy. Anyway I head home, exhausted (as you recall I woke up at 2 am) with the sole intention of heading to bed. As I get in I check my email, and my Mom sent me an email asking me to analyze somethings.

Initially I start tripping in my head, I'm like I'm tired blah blah blah blah. I lie down, and start to listen to a sermon, at that moment, I'm feeling sorry for myself. Then the lord reveals to me, Chanda set aside the events from this morning. If you were asked to analyze something how would you typically view it. As an opportunity. So are you really about to reject an opportunity based on a distraction. Girl get your life.

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The Diva in me loves Gloves. And as we know, guess what season we're in. Cuffing, lmao. Yea, ok whatever. 

But back to our lady at hand. I found this brand, Gasper in the November InStyle magazine. Needless to say I'm obsessed. I already own a pair of leather semi studded Classic length gloves. I had another pair, red leather Classic length. But I mistreated those... So did you know the lengths had names. Thanks in advance to Martha Stewart Weddings dot Com for that. Check them out:

Classic - 6 inches below the elbows
Elbow - Self explanatory, up to 12 inches from the base of your thumb
Opera - Extends to your upper arm, can be up to 23 inches from the base of your thumb
Shortie - Up to 2 inches from the base of your thumb

Shine in a world full of Black. Nothing wrong with Black though. I enjoy my share of Black!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Motivator

So Get Up. Go do Something. But not just something, something that nearly breaks your back, and gets your haters Madddddddd! Not literally breaking your back Ooooo. Push yourself to work harder, to go the extra mile, to stretch yourself beyond your comfort. In fact don't think of your convenience, ask yourself,  what can you do to improve a process or someones day etc. You get the gist. Get into work early, do some extra work, get ahead of schedule.

May God give your haters a reason to watch and hate you. May God make that reason, REALLY good. May that reason be so far above your level, your not surprised they hate you. But in order to receive that, you need to get up, show up, but don't show up like you did yesterday. Show up like a boss, like you own this, and everything about you reflect that. Lets go. Jesus died, so that you could live. Leave the past behind you. Today is a new day.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Instagram Obsessions- NikisGroove

Ask about her!

My Past time - Nigerian Food

While back home. I ate. It's consistent. I tend to come back well fed, lol. Anyway I've been stepping up my cooking skills in the event there's no one around to cook it for me, lol. I can't be at any one's mercy for Nigerian food.

One thing that was nice, was being able to go out and find Nigerian food everywhere. At the fast food restaurants etc.

I sent a pic of this dish to a guy, and he was like I don't think I've ever seen moi- moi so red. Come to think of it, neither have I. But it taste damn good, lol.

Save the best for last. I was in Calabar when I had this. Slightly peppery (slightly being subjective), Okra soup with pounded yam. Typically we traditionally eat Afang soup, but my Mom cooked Okra soup, Zambian style, so I've always leaned towards that. :-)

My Pinterest Obsessions - Men's Casual Style

Dope Boys...

Funny I recently got a jacket with a similar pattern. It's not a print it's straight woven. Guess it's in season.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

How do you tell if it's God or the devil: The Struggle Week

Let's start with this. The Struggle Week. You know that time where you're super broke, no money, your reserves are on reserves, and your forced to hold out until payday, and the week just keeps on dragging...

So yea.... I was having one of those struggle weeks. Now typically on a good week. I wake up refreshed (or at the very least not feeling like I slept with a foot on my back or whatever would make you feel awkward and pissed in the morning). I'd get to work on time, which means early, and go through the week without any surprises. The week runs it's course. That's scenario 1.

Scenario 2 - You wake up off track, get to work late, and things are just moving out of pace. Your basically chasing your day, and more things are being thrown at you. Your anxious, thinking WTF.

Or guess what, the day could be awesome, got in on time, work is flowing and then from left field your family/ friend call or text you with some BS. It takes you off track, because now your attention is on that issue, and you can't even focus on work.

So here's the solution. You catch yourself. Hold up hold up hoooooooold up. Get outtttta here lmao!
You tell the devil, your a liar and put on your headphones and listen to your Bible app. Not feeling like the word today, OK switch up to a sermon, with a speaker that usually captivates you and has you looking forward to hearing the word. Essentially what your doing is choosing to focus on God. Your realigning your perspective or better yet shifting it into realignment with God. Then before you know it, that funky Monday has turned into Thursday, and your thinking wow, where did the week go.

Now I'm not saying the devil is not consistent, he is. But he's also full of trickery, and he's pulling from hats (get it rabbits...) straight up. So however way he's reaching, the response should be to focus on God. Once you do that, anxiety, pressure, and all those emotions (rejection, insecurities...) are lifted. What comes in it's place is peace. Yea perfect peace. Mind you the devil is still reaching and throwing things at you, but their not on your level.

Scenario 2 tells you it's the devil, because as soon as you focused on God, you no longer felt burdened or distracted by what the devil was throwing at you.

Scenario 3 - You wake up off track, get to work late, and things are just moving out of pace. Your basically chasing your day, and more things are being thrown at you. Your anxious, thinking WTF.

Or guess what, the day could be awesome, got in on time, work is flowing and then from left field your family/ friend call or text you with some BS. It takes you off track, because now your attention is on that issue, and you can't even focus on work.

So you (and be you I really mean me, because this is what happened)  try the solution of scenario 2. But negative, nothing is happening. Your focusing on God, but yet the burden is not being lifted. I've listened to the Bible app but the word isn't penetrating my soul. My attitude hasn't shifted. Then I check out a sermon, but nope nada. I switch it up to different sermons and I'm still in my funk. I muster up all the strength I have to go through Monday. I wake up on Tuesday feeling worse than Monday, and get this I went to sleep by 8.

I'm in my car in the parking lot, siking myself up to walk into the office. Mind you, last night I listened to the Bible app again, listened to more sermons, hit up the prayer line, and did the same this morning. I get out of my car, and as I'm walking I feel like a huge weight is on me, and I'm dragging myself and this weight to get into this office. As I walk towards the door, I think damn, today isn't Wednesday. S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E W-E-E-K. Usually my Mondays and Tuesdays are OK spiritually, but by the time Wednesday comes by, I'm in need of some spiritual strengthening- thank God for Bible Study. But today was the day.

So I tune into last weeks bible study, which I missed, lol. Listen to that, and keep it moving for the day. Between Tuesday and Wednesday I realize it's God. There's something within this week, that I need to figure out, or learn, or do, or whatever. Hence this week is my wilderness week. As in there's no escaping it, I just have to go through the process.

Like I said it was a struggle week, cooked lunch for the week, water on water, and a work from home day, to conserve from buying gas. Finally Friday get's here, we get paid, in fact a check for something else came in Thursday at 5pm, lol. God is mad funny. But thank you, I'm not even going to play myself. I was very grateful for that.

So I'm speaking to a coworker, and I tell her this week dragged. She goes no it didn't. I say - Yes it did. Although Friday is finally here, and that has lifted the material burdens, I felt every single day of this week. So here I am Saturday writing this blog and reflecting on this week. A few things come to mind:

1. I finally read up to and passed the New Testament at the beginning of this week. I'd been stuck in the Old Testament for years. Always committing to reading the bible but never pushing through.

2. I finished reading the bible Today!!!!! Yea, can't tell me nothing, well you can lol.

3. Recognizing what a spiritual shift in season looks like. The wilderness. By look, I really mean, how it feels.

4. Coming into my own. So I was already my own (actually I belong to Jesus, you know what I mean), but now I'm accepting that next level Chanda. Won't he do it!

5. Purpose. Hot topic- Whew. I have finally figured it out. Now this is my purpose for the season. Yea I'm not sharing just yet. But it's been revealed.

Got to go do my hair!

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Some Fun Facts
1. We're the oldest group in Nigeria. Did you know?
2. We're the fourth largest group in Nigeria...
3. The Efiks derive from the Ibibios.
4. Our closest neighboring ethnic group are the Igbo's
5. The Fattening Room.. Ask about it :-)
6. We primarily are in Akow Ibom State, Southern region of Nigeria

Grandma and I in Calabar

Boy am I lucky. There's something to be said about being the first born. There's much responsibility. But there's a lot of advantage lol.

So while, I was in Nigeria I was introduced to Chapman's. Note, that will be one of my specialty drinks at my wedding. A little prophetic word for ya!

My Dad's Alma Mater. Formerly an all boys school, now Coed!

Revelation - Purpose

Hey Ladies and Fella (I'm such a Clown)- Happy Saturday!

I'm part of a women's support group, where we talk about a range of things, professional life, marriage, personal development etc. So below is a quick extract of what I shared with them, and decided to also share with you. Before that though, Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and thank you for subscribing! Thank you Jesus for leading me through this journey.

There's something in the air. Today October 24th seems like there's so much shifting and moving both spiritually and physically. Anyhoo, take advantage of the day and let's walk into our destiny!

So a few months ago I mentioned that I made a vow, to read the entire bible, prior to getting married. In hopes of being equipped for marriage and life in general. My thought being- when shit hits the fan, cleave to God through the word. So I might not master it, but I'll have a point of reference.

I can happily say, I've reached Revelations. I'm kind of shocked. This has been one of my work on Chanda type of goals. Growth and maturity spiritually. I've been working on being whole as a person before Mr. Right for Chanda comes into the picture.

Anyone else working on them, or reached a milestone? I'd like to definitely add on to my list of to do's.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Prayed Up - Travelers Guide

OK -so this will be short and sweet.

Every time I travel, I tend to fast prior to going and once back home. OK not every time, lol, but definitely when I travel abroad. The reason being, in my day to day life, I have a routine. I talk to God throughout the day, listen to sermons, have Wednesday bible study, and read through my bible. Some days it might be all of the above, other days I might barely say hello to God. But nonetheless it's a routine that I'm accustomed to, and subconsciously I just do it. I find when I'm travelling it causes a disruption in that routine. Where I might not have access to things that help me stay in sync with God. As a result I'm easily distracted, and more vulnerable to spiritual attacks. Aside from the distractions, when one is entering into a new environment it's necessary to get insight from God. Revelation where he opens your eyes to things you might not give much thought to. The world is a very interesting place, and while it's great to explore, it's important to bring the one who has authority over everything with you on your journey.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Lagos was fun, but Calabar was home. 
Calm sweet Calabar, a place at rest.

This was so Good. A little peppery, all flavor. I can still taste it. Okra soup with pounded yam. Yea, I'm about that life. Very much so.

Grandma reuniting with an old friend. Naija wife crew...

There's something oh so Elegant about African men.

An old plantation, now a museum.

And this is where I called home. It was so strange to come back. I imagined the house to be much bigger, but in all fairness I've been leaning on a 6 year old's perspective.