Thursday, October 29, 2015

Focus- Stretching You

Today was a deceiving type of day. Better yet, distracting. I woke up this morning, like 2am off of a shitty dream. The dream had me shook. I was scared, frustrated and nearly forgot whose I am. So rather then getting all caught up, wallowing, and being miserable for the next few hours, I turned on my Christian music. I allowed that to lead me, calm me, and bring me back to peace with God. You know it sucks to feel scared, helpless, hopeless, and reliant on someone else to give you that sense of security. Not talking about a boyfriend or anything like that, but more along the lines of spiritual guidance, and relying on a Pastor.

As I continue to grow in my relationship with God, I find that I'm more equipped to handle spiritual attacks, to recognize spiritual attacks, and to react appropriately in real time. Rather then having to be at someones mercy. So this is a point for another day, but an important point nonetheless. I cancel the dream, listen to my Christian music (Tina Campbell if your curious, Mali Music, and Abel Chungu Musuka- Zambian Artist. Side note Mali Music Walk on Water is my song.), and get started with the day.

I had an event I put together at work. The event was pretty successful, but there were some factors or conflicts that completely took me out of my element. Although the event was successful the conflicts stole my Joy. Anyway I head home, exhausted (as you recall I woke up at 2 am) with the sole intention of heading to bed. As I get in I check my email, and my Mom sent me an email asking me to analyze somethings.

Initially I start tripping in my head, I'm like I'm tired blah blah blah blah. I lie down, and start to listen to a sermon, at that moment, I'm feeling sorry for myself. Then the lord reveals to me, Chanda set aside the events from this morning. If you were asked to analyze something how would you typically view it. As an opportunity. So are you really about to reject an opportunity based on a distraction. Girl get your life.

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