Sunday, October 11, 2015

London Randomness

Some candid pics from the trip. Not sure how to weave it into a story but hey.

We'll start here. I stayed in Nunhead, which is part of South London. On my first trip to London, I stayed in Dalston if you guys recall. I was close enough to the tube and the buses. So my commute was a combination of both depending on where I was travelling to. We spent 3 or 4 days there, and traveled to so many places, I hadn't gotten a chance to acclimate to my surroundings (not much repetition, at least I didn't pick up on it). 

However this time around, I had more time to travel and explore. I mostly took the bus into Central London. Now this was easily 40 minutes to an hour each way. But for some reason, the ride always felt faster (like maybe 30 minutes), but no it was a 40 minute minimal ride. Especially on days where we had plans in Dulwich.

Now, although there are so many other places to explore, we spent quite a number of days heading to Oxford street. Don't ask me why, we just did. So day one, here we are on Oxford street, site seeing and all that stuff, and now it's time to catch our bus back home (the P12). 

We went thrifting :-)
So we decide to walk to Trafalgar Square, and then catch our bus from there.

We figured it would be a great way to explore as we head south bound, and we could just follow the same path our bus traveled coming, but opposite direction.

Wrong. We're at Trafalgar Square standing by a major bus stop hub. We see our bus heading in our direction, so we think great. However we don't see the P-12 sign as one of the buses that stop there. In fact we ask someone at the stop and they confirm. So my friend suggests we walk back towards Oxford street (not all the way) but a stop or two. Genius me is like, no, let's just continue walking south bound, we ought to catch the bus in a stop or two ahead. SMH.

Wrong. So we start walking and every bus stop we encounter the P-12 doesn't stop there. In fact alongside the water, where the London eye is, there was construction and the bus detoured. So we wound up walking all the way in my hot shoes with no damn socks, Sigh. By all the way I just mean alongside the water and over the bridge. But imagine, we'd been walking since Oxford street.

So let's talk Nunhead and Dulwich. Nunhead is a cool up and coming area. In fact it's already arrived. It was a quirky diverse area full of pubs, Africans, Caribbeans, and other ethnic groups. There's quite a bit of night life there actually, although we we're quite polite with our hosts, and stayed in within reasonable hours, lol. But alas, London next time, mmmhh. You'll see me!

Chilling with Aunty Ama and Co 
This was definitely a great trip. I felt a little more independent and confident commuting this time around. There's so much more to explore but hey this what i have so far, ha. Below are some picks to China town, the only place where we actually stopped to have dinner. As I mentioned in my previous post, Aunty Ama held down the food. There was no reason to eat truly.

Cheers! Thanks for sticking with me on this 5 post recap, lol.

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