Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Motivator

So Get Up. Go do Something. But not just something, something that nearly breaks your back, and gets your haters Madddddddd! Not literally breaking your back Ooooo. Push yourself to work harder, to go the extra mile, to stretch yourself beyond your comfort. In fact don't think of your convenience, ask yourself,  what can you do to improve a process or someones day etc. You get the gist. Get into work early, do some extra work, get ahead of schedule.

May God give your haters a reason to watch and hate you. May God make that reason, REALLY good. May that reason be so far above your level, your not surprised they hate you. But in order to receive that, you need to get up, show up, but don't show up like you did yesterday. Show up like a boss, like you own this, and everything about you reflect that. Lets go. Jesus died, so that you could live. Leave the past behind you. Today is a new day.

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