Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Past time - Nigerian Food

While back home. I ate. It's consistent. I tend to come back well fed, lol. Anyway I've been stepping up my cooking skills in the event there's no one around to cook it for me, lol. I can't be at any one's mercy for Nigerian food.

One thing that was nice, was being able to go out and find Nigerian food everywhere. At the fast food restaurants etc.

I sent a pic of this dish to a guy, and he was like I don't think I've ever seen moi- moi so red. Come to think of it, neither have I. But it taste damn good, lol.

Save the best for last. I was in Calabar when I had this. Slightly peppery (slightly being subjective), Okra soup with pounded yam. Typically we traditionally eat Afang soup, but my Mom cooked Okra soup, Zambian style, so I've always leaned towards that. :-)

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