Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hey hey hey!

This is my recap of my trip back home 10 months later :-) So let's start here. Thanks to Jesus for making this trip possible through my Grandmother :-) My Dad is Ibibio, hence I'm Ibibio. American born Nigerian. Akata as some Africans would say. A term referring to someone of African decent, who is removed from their culture. But no, I'm not removed. I'm American, and Americanized but I know my culture, I should say cultures.

Anyhoo, my Grandmother whose of Caribbean decent (Yes I claim my Caribbean roots too), happened to marry a Nigerian Diplomat while in the states. That Nigerian swag, watch out, lol. So she married my Grandfather, and after growing up in the Bronx, she moved with him to Calabar, Nigeria. She lived in Nigeria over 20 years. Even after my Grandfather died prematurely (49 years old). She lived through the The Biafran War, and was a Teacher by profession. Funny or maybe not, as my Mom's Mom, Theresa also was a Teacher by profession early on in her career in Zambia. Yea I hail from Educated women, even in the 1950's, they were doing it!

So, in the late 80's, I believe, my Grandmother moved back to the states, however she continues to travel back and forth to Nigeria. Recently, (January -  right before the Nigerian elections) she wanted to tend to some business back and home, and asked me to accompany her. Initially I was apprehensive, as I hadn't been to Nigeria, since I was 6, and I'm well past my 20's so you do the math... While I lived in Nigeria with my parents, we also lived in Calabar.

I'm thinking Boko Haram, and are they going to give me stress travelling back because of Ebola. Even though Ebola was no longer in Nigeria, wey!

As the lord would have it, he made a way. I got my visa, Grandma got my ticket, took time off from my internship, and off we we're to Nigeria.

This, I've decided will be my introduction to my recap of the trip, 1 of many, lol. I had a blast, we stayed 10 days only, and I was with Grandma, so I didn't get to party. We stayed in Ikoyi majority of the trip, and Calabar for a couple days. My skin glowed, I done chop. Definitely a vibrant, busy, fashionable type of place.

Did I mention how good it was to leave cold ass New York in January, to head into Tropical Nigeria. Palm trees and All! My cold/ allergies instantly stopped as I stepped foot outside of the airport.

Did I mention how annoying traffic was. Although it wasn't as bad as I've heard it could be. My commute time anywhere was typically an hour. Which is pretty good. Anyway, please stay tuned for more pics, and recap cont'd.

Cheers  :-)

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