Friday, October 23, 2015

Prayed Up - Travelers Guide

OK -so this will be short and sweet.

Every time I travel, I tend to fast prior to going and once back home. OK not every time, lol, but definitely when I travel abroad. The reason being, in my day to day life, I have a routine. I talk to God throughout the day, listen to sermons, have Wednesday bible study, and read through my bible. Some days it might be all of the above, other days I might barely say hello to God. But nonetheless it's a routine that I'm accustomed to, and subconsciously I just do it. I find when I'm travelling it causes a disruption in that routine. Where I might not have access to things that help me stay in sync with God. As a result I'm easily distracted, and more vulnerable to spiritual attacks. Aside from the distractions, when one is entering into a new environment it's necessary to get insight from God. Revelation where he opens your eyes to things you might not give much thought to. The world is a very interesting place, and while it's great to explore, it's important to bring the one who has authority over everything with you on your journey.


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