Saturday, October 24, 2015

Revelation - Purpose

Hey Ladies and Fella (I'm such a Clown)- Happy Saturday!

I'm part of a women's support group, where we talk about a range of things, professional life, marriage, personal development etc. So below is a quick extract of what I shared with them, and decided to also share with you. Before that though, Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and thank you for subscribing! Thank you Jesus for leading me through this journey.

There's something in the air. Today October 24th seems like there's so much shifting and moving both spiritually and physically. Anyhoo, take advantage of the day and let's walk into our destiny!

So a few months ago I mentioned that I made a vow, to read the entire bible, prior to getting married. In hopes of being equipped for marriage and life in general. My thought being- when shit hits the fan, cleave to God through the word. So I might not master it, but I'll have a point of reference.

I can happily say, I've reached Revelations. I'm kind of shocked. This has been one of my work on Chanda type of goals. Growth and maturity spiritually. I've been working on being whole as a person before Mr. Right for Chanda comes into the picture.

Anyone else working on them, or reached a milestone? I'd like to definitely add on to my list of to do's.

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