Thursday, October 29, 2015


The Diva in me loves Gloves. And as we know, guess what season we're in. Cuffing, lmao. Yea, ok whatever. 

But back to our lady at hand. I found this brand, Gasper in the November InStyle magazine. Needless to say I'm obsessed. I already own a pair of leather semi studded Classic length gloves. I had another pair, red leather Classic length. But I mistreated those... So did you know the lengths had names. Thanks in advance to Martha Stewart Weddings dot Com for that. Check them out:

Classic - 6 inches below the elbows
Elbow - Self explanatory, up to 12 inches from the base of your thumb
Opera - Extends to your upper arm, can be up to 23 inches from the base of your thumb
Shortie - Up to 2 inches from the base of your thumb

Shine in a world full of Black. Nothing wrong with Black though. I enjoy my share of Black!

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