Sunday, October 11, 2015

UK - Foodie

Hey hey! So on my last post, I mentioned that I'd have 1 or 2 additional posts to properly recap the trip. So here goes my food post, and tourist things. Before we go there though, I want to thank God for making the trip possible, taking me there and bringing me back safely, and covering me with the Blood of Jesus!

I thank my Parents for the Graduation gift. I want to also thank my Ghana family for hosting me, and going above and beyond in keeping me. My bestie didn't have to, but her family went above beyond to accommodate me, and I'm forever grateful. Lastly, but never least wishing my Cozz a blessed union! You make such a beautiful bride. Funny as I'm posting this now, she's married this Month! Here's to new beginnings, exciting times, and babies. Wink wink. Cheers!  :-) pics in no particular order...

Nando's - Never gets old. I've been tempted to drive down to Maryland. It's coming... Wanna ride with me.
While at home, with a chef...I tell you, we had no reason to eat out. In fact we forced ourselves one night, just for the experience. No pics of Kelewele, but we had it. Kelewele are friend plantains with seasoning or spices (I tasted ginger).

Rice Pudding- The things I love!


I found one. Not changing the text above, lol.

So- here's a quick throwback from 2012 I think, at the Breakfast club...

And now 2015 proper :-)

Heading to the Pub in Nunhead - South London

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