Monday, November 30, 2015

Does being Curvy define you as a Woman

Is it just me. Am I the only one, who feels like society does not view you as a woman unless your curvy and accentuating those curves. I say accentuate but the way society is doing it now, is just putting it out for display.

OK so let me take a step back. I have a slim figure, but I'm curvy. Depending on what I wear certain features are highlighted more than others. My Mom, African and all has always pushed me towards wearing pieces that create the illusion of a proportional look. We've always gone with a conservative mindset as it pertains to accentuating our figures. Simply, if your busty for instance, you wear a blouse that's looser and then balance it off with maybe a snug pair of pants or skirt. Or you might wear a snug shirt, with a loose fitting Cardigan. Or if you have fuller hips or a big booty, then you might wear a skirt or pair of shorts with a longer hemline and higher waistline.

But this post isn't a lesson on proportion. Rather perception. When I'm heading out, be it to a function, friends gathering, lounge etc. My mind instantly gravitates towards wearing a Bodycon dress, or whatever outfit that outlines my figure. In my mind that represents an image of a grown woman. But who says? Now I know better. But everywhere we look, illusion dresses, hip hugging whatevers are all we see. A woman just being a woman is fierce enough. One should be able to just slightly expose a shoulder, play with the neckline, or even expose a bit of your back and that exude sensuality. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with body hugging silhouettes. I do wear those. I just think as women we need to ensure that our image of being a woman, being sexy etc isn't driven by just this one particular standard. Just by the nature of us being, we are a Good thing...

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