Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Push On

He has done it for me. Oh Jesus has done it for me. Oh, He has done it for me. My savior has blessed me.

So today is the day before Thanksgiving and I've been working my ass off at work. I found myself questioning a couple things. I looked at the work I completed and wondered why do I have nearly 4 times more tasks then others on my team. As I thought that thought, I had to seriously arrest the thought. Let me give you a little background. Earlier this week - Monday actually I had a dream that had me stomped. I wasn't sure how to interpret it, so I called my Pastor. After listening to my description of the dream, he tells me, that the dream represented powers, spirits, or people pursuing me or following me and trying to harm me. It could be harming my career life, finances etc. So I hear him, and immediately start thinking about my work dynamic. I think back on previous jobs, my interactions and start to seriously dwell on all the negative aspects. (As a side note all those who are reading this and trying to harm me, I reject you by fire, and your harm or evil intentions will turn into steps for my promotion In Jesus Name. So thanks in Advance!)

In my head I'm telling myself damn, things we're going so well, now people are going to be acting up, what's the point of working so hard if it produces nothing.

STOP Hold Up! As I've matured in my walk with Christ, I can recognize certain things about the enemy, and about me.

Firstly, what God has declared will be, Will Be. If he has blessed you, it is yours, you alone can choose to distract yourself from that blessing, and or even choose to reject that blessing. The enemy can never take it away from you, he does not have authority aka permission.

Second thing, the enemy will attack you. That's a given. That's life. Don't expect smooth sailing, but with Jesus know there is salvation. Eternal. So this is the part where you choose to be distracted or continue to focus on God and your purpose.

Third thing, just because there's opposition to whatever your trying to achieve, does not give you license to stop working towards that goal. This is the part where you choose to reject or accept your blessing. For instance if your in your last semester of school. You've taken your midterm, failed it, and the professor has declared that you will fail this class. You can say hey I've already failed the midterm, and the professor isn't trying to help me, so let me stop going to class, or stop doing the homework, let me not push myself on this final. Because I'm going to fail anyway. With that state of mind, you have chosen to reject your blessing. On the flip side, you can get bold with it, look your professor in the eye and tell them I'm going to pass this class and your going to help me. If your sitting in the back of the class, switch up your seat to the front. Come in early to class, stay after asking them questions. Start pestering the professor for extra credit, extra projects, and additional exams. Even if they say no, continue to ask for the same thing, start to keep an email trail asking them, heck even start calling them on their office phone.  Now obviously you don't make this shift 1 week before the semester ends. From the beginning you should be pushing yourself. Even after that final exam, you feel a little funny about it, right after send an email, get bold. Ask for a makeup, extra credit. Talk to the department. Yea true story, no ones standing between me and my degrees.

Crazy right. But my point being, if you understand there's a blessing out there, and it's for you, then by no means should you be giving it up. Continue pushing yourself, and fighting for it. Which leads me back to me. In my past, and present, I noticed how I was easily influenced by peoples actions, opinions, etc. I allowed the world to dictate the effort I put into myself (school work, appearance, confidence etc). By default I would give up, due to the circumstance. When the truth was, the circumstance, the opinions, and the struggle was coming no matter what. And God designed you to endure and persevere through it. So don't stop working, don't start wondering why do I have more work then the others (As a side note, I really don't know if I had more work then the others, I have a limited view of the work load, and can only see one aspect of it). Don't you give up on your passion, and blessings. And certainly don't dull your drive, or slow down because of the struggle.


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