Sunday, December 20, 2015


Hey Guys,

Today I went to an open mic set at Hope Hills, a Christian ministry. Below is the piece I read in true Chanda fashion. The open mic was amazing, the best part was the audience, they were very welcoming and supportive. I think I'd like to step out more on this platform.

Quick shout out to Candeya Rawdiamondz. She performed and at the end gave me a copy of her cd. I'm grateful and feeling totally blessed. Check her out. With that being said there were some dope rappers/singers, spoken word poets. It was cool!


So, I'm here to do a little rehearsed, unrehearsed skit. It's my testimony actually. A dramatization of my life walking with Christ each and everyday. Just so you know, I had a title for this. But didn't have a title. Ok so what is she talking about. I was trying to figure out what to call this before I wrote this. But all I could think of was Boldness. Not as in the title but the concept and theme to discuss. A little disclaimer I say so - A Lot. Even while writing. But since this isn't work, I'm going to allow the so's to run wild.

So what do I mean by boldness. Is it proclaiming your love, commitment, your obsession for Jesus. Well Yea, but no. On one level it is. But it's more than that. Let me paint a picture. God comes to you today, and says, Chanda you are blessed, you have favor. Favor has come your way. Oh snap word. So that means everything I touch has already shifted in a direction to benefit me. So what do I do.

I can take the worry out of my life, continue to go to work, do my work at my level, tithe at my level, love at my level. You get the picture. At my level. I continue pushing, staying consistent, and expect that bonus that I know is coming, wait for my blog to blow up because I know after this how could it not. Plus I've got favor. So the only thing that can take this away from me, isn't the devil, but is in me rejecting this blessing. Take note of that.

I reject me rejecting any and every blessing, and good thing God has proclaimed in my life. In Jesus Name!

But may I suggest, an alternate approach. Remember that car, yea the Mercedes. That one that you can't afford, yea something like that. Before I had favor I was good with my squeaky 150k mile Honda. Yea you know the one with the clunky sounds and whining every time you reverse. Listen if after this show, you see me outside about to reverse, just walk away save me the embarrassment. But then again that's on on you, because I just told you. Shout out to Honda, by the way. That girl has served me well! And having it is a blessing in itself.

But now I have favor. But not just regular covered by the blood favor. God has stopped to turn around (because you know God is always looking forward) to tell me, Chanda you have favor. Note I said turned around, because we're always trying to catch up with where God is in our lives. Or we should be...

So peace out Honda, Mercedes is taking over. Remember that job, yea. You work 45 hours, step it up to 60. What. Yea God I dare you to bless me at my new level. Yesterday I was a 45s girl, But now I'm a 60's Lady. Shout out to elevation. That tithing, 100 a month, yea Lets make that a G. Yup 1000 is going to crazy tithing for then next 4 months. Because God said I'm favored.

So let's dare God! Try it. What do you have to lose, God just told you you're favored.

So here I am working my butt off. I'm waking up in the am's, meeting with my offshore team at 2am, saying yes to every task, going beast mode. Like that's not enough, let's try our hand at writing a children's book. Where'd that come from.

Let me tell you any idea that has popped into my mind. If God has blessed it, I'm running with it. So I hit up my sister, Tum let's write a children's book. Word tell me your idea... Let's give it a month deadline, mmm Ok.

Then Grace puts up a post about open mic. Open mic, what do I know about open mic. I'm not a performer. But I have been looking for a platform to talk about Jesus.

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