Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Leading Ladies

Alright so like 5 posts in a day. I'm on vacation, lol. Anyway, I'm very grateful to have entered a new month. Last month was great, this month will be better! God has given us another opportunity to be the best us. Your time to recreate you, to let go of nonsense, establish yourself, drop bad habits and pick up prosperous habits.

Did you guys hear about the all female flight crew in Zimbabwe. They just made history in Zimbabwe. Yea that happened. Women making progress.

On a separate note, did you peep our first lady. Even if your not in America, Michelle Obama is our first Lady! I adore her. So I follow a group on Facebook, that highlights positive images of Black men and women. That's where I saw the picture below. Anyway, I took to the comments section, to get a sense of what people were saying and came across a comment that read "if only Black girls were given a fair chance they'd rock it". Girl I hear you, but you know what all we need is a chance, forget fair, and we are taking it there. And a chance is what we've got. No ones giving it to us, but we're taking it. A quick story comes to mind. I have a real issue with people mispronouncing my name. I get an attitude, I correct people. Especially at work, you better get to know my name. However, I noticed when I call my pastor. He calls me Sandra straight up (my name is Chanda), and I've never corrected him. In fact when he's praying with me, and saying God give Sandra her divine connection, I'm like AMEN! God knows he's talking about me. So in the same way forget about fair, my Dad certainly drummed that into my head growing up. Just have in your mind what you want, and start chasing it!

Teyonah Parris! Ask about her. Lead actress in upcoming film CHI-RAQ. Premiering this Friday December 4th. So this will be the first movie I'm heading out to see in over a year, maybe two years. I just haven't been feeling the movie outings. But I'm going to check this film out. Come with me! Check her out also here:

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