Sunday, December 20, 2015

Express Yourself

I'm not for everyone. And that's perfectly fine. Not everyone is for me!
There needs to come a point in your life, where your free to be you.

Recently I attended an open mic session. There I performed a piece. I was really excited to engage with an audience, I fed off the energy and frankly enjoyed the attention. Yea I'm a trip. I haven't performed any poetry or spoken word in over 10 years.

When I think back on when I did. I think about the content and how hyper-sexualized the material was. At that stage of my life I had this image of sex and the desire to connect with someone in that way. I was really moved or should say held hostage by emotions.
But thank God for the covering of his blood and unending mercy and grace.

So it's wild to me that 10 years later I find myself back here. Not there but on the spoken word tip performing to an audience. Maybe this is what God intended years ago. And I had the wires crossed in terms of the content. There's a gift there. But was I using it incorrectly.
Because the passion to write, for poetry, to perform is still there.

On a separate note these pics above are of my latest hairstyle. I'm obsessed and becoming bolder and more comfortable in my own skin. The Afro pic right above is my hair update. My fro is reaching.


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