Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Faithfully Good Morning!

Good Morning Jesus, Good Morning Love.
Thank you for waking me today.
Thank you for waking my family.
Thank you for another opportunity to fulfill my destiny.
Today I will fulfill my purpose for the day.
I will consult you over every step.
I will arrest every negative thought and action against me and others.
Today with my words I will give life.
Today my life will reflect your hand.
I will mix and dabble in love, faith, opportunity, production, and new beginnings.
Today is my turn around day.
Turn around to realign me with God.
Turn around to walking in unquestionable faith in the power of God.
Turn around to consuming my day with thoughts of only the impossible.
Today I will trust in God to do a great thing through Me.
God make me a miracle for somebody.
I will walk in full authority today.
Good Morning Jesus, Good Morning Love.

- Inspired by Morning Glory prayer line

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