Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Feeding your Soul - Secular music vs Christian music

Ok. So I was watching a blog today by Maze + Lee. The topic discussed was Secular music vs Christian music. Now they weren't focusing on the differences, but rather discussing whether it was OK to listen to Secular music as Christians. So I thought about it and a few instances came to mind. Now I listen to all sorts of Secular music without prejudice. That's what I grew up listening to. As I've developed my relationship with God, I find that I listen to a lot more Christian music. In essence my preference in music has expanded. I don't monitor or restrict the type of music I listen to.

However, when I'm feeling out of sync with God, as in things feel chaotic, I'm not at peace, or I feel some level of discomfort, could be physically or spiritually. I start to take inventory. I pay closer attention to the things I'm watching, and listening to. I believe in feeding your soul. Meaning the things you do and listen to on a daily basis become your mantra whether you like it or not, whether you intend for it to or not. (Yes, contradictory to my statement above about not monitoring what I listen to, I just like the music ok.). Similarly the things you support, should be supporting you. For instance, I live at home with my Mom. She has a real mortgage, and I contribute to the household. I'm single, and I'm working so why not. I also know when shit hits the fan, like it did for me 5 years ago, where I needed to come home. There was a home base for me to come to. No questions asked, no job on hand, just me. So my Mom and the shelter she provides is a support to me, not now, but in the future if needed. (You just never know with life). So support what supports you, build up what builds you.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I was listening to this RnB artist I really like. His album came out a few months ago. I listened to it back to back for a solid month. Totally obsessed. It wasn't until one day, while I'm sitting at my desk typing away with his song playing in the background, where I catch the lyric...

"it's too late for me to choose Heaven". OK so don't google this because I'm paraphrasing, lol. In the song he's saying there are only two options, Heaven or Hell, and it's to late for him to choose Heaven. So I'm like whoa, wait a minute. Why is this dude even talking about heaven or hell right now. Can't I just listen to an emotional RnB record without rebuking Jesus or declaring my way to hell. Now it's his prerogative.  But I'm a firm believer in the word, and in spoken word. As in what you say about yourself manifesting. So hear I am singing these words, "it's to late for me to choose, I'm better off alone" on a daily basis. So I had to take a step back from the album. The way it's written I'm making declarations about not going to heaven, being alone, and that being reality. And I reject that by fire in Jesus name.

Anyway I found this topic interesting, and cared to share. So I'm not answering the question as to whether it's good to listen to Secular music or not, because I still do. I think my focus is more so on being cognizant of what your listening to and what you are declaring through those lyrics.


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