Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hair Daze

Hey Hey hey! So I've slowly been transitioning to natural hairstyles. This is my first time since I was a teen wearing cornrows. There are more options today, especially with a Glam factor, lol. You know because we all want to be superstars. I can get into this whole long winded story about my hair journey, but I think I'll just give you the highlights. So I've had my hair in it's natural state for two years now. I cut it all off two years ago, and started from scratch. I wore it out for a short while, pics below. Then started wearing protective styles. Or so I thought. Please don't give me grief on the uncombed hair below.

So I had weaves, braids, and fell in love with crochet braids for a solid year. The style was great, but my hair wasn't growing. I take that back. It was, but as quickly as it was growing, it was also breaking. Now why, especially since I wasn't manipulating my hair for 6 weeks at a time. Simply, moisture or lack there of. I'd wash and condition my hair, and then head over to the hair dresser. The hair dresser would blow-dry my hair out, and then use grease, like dax and what not to replenish moisture. So my hair essentially would be dried out, and then covered with grease, and then braided up. 

For those who've started on their natural hair journey we all know grease doesn't replenish moisture but rather like an oil it would seal it in. Now when I'd wash my hair, I didn't have a solid leave in conditioner. So while my hair was wet, I'd use olive oil to seal in the moisture, and allow it to air dry. But this just wasn't enough for my hair, I needed a good leave in conditioner and then to seal the moisture in with olive oil. But I'd skip that step, head to the hairdresser, she'd blow it out, completely dry out my hair, place dax in it, and then braid it up. So this was my cycle for a year. After a while, I got really frustrated, and did what I know best to do. Pray.

I got the idea to pray about it from a video blogger on YouTube, I think she's from Zimbabwe, Dephne Madyara. Check her out
When I first heard her suggest that, I loved the idea but felt silly. All the issues in the world and your praying for your hair to grow. In fact I mentioned it a few times to some people and got mixed reactions. Anyway fast forward a year, and here I am frustrated. So I prayed. I understood that our hair and our head represents our glory. Thus you don't want just anyone touching your head.

I prayed to God, asked him to give me guidance on finding the right hairdresser for me. I also prayed for healthy hair, and a revelation on what my particular hair needs to grow. I'd actually go to a salon and ask God to show me a sign to let me know if that hairdresser was the right one for me. God was consistent, he showed me, and many times I was just disobedient, because I liked the hairstyles. But eventually I'd find myself back at square one with my hair. Long story short God brought me to hairdresser that I really love. She met all the checkpoints I needed. So here we are, lol. Thank God. Seriously.


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