Monday, December 28, 2015

How to prepare for the New Year!

So we are in the last few days of the year. I mentioned in an earlier post, that I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload, but would just keep at it until it was done. Well I took a few days off, and got back to it yesterday. I completed a number of tasks, and now things from my prior role are truly slowing down and being transitioned to other workmates on the team. I still have some tasks on my plate, however I see a light at the end of that tunnel. With that in mind, I started my new role today, and boy was that something. I met with one of our administrators first thing this morning and she gave me the warmest welcome. I'm talking about the type of interaction that left my spirit feeling so low, and manifested to my physical body feeling as if it were a piece of origami folded into a million folds.

While I was in the moment of low spirits, I asked myself why I allowed someone I didn't know to have any influence over me and my disposition. I had to recognize a few things. The first thing being, the new year approaching. I've declared that I'm entering 2016 Blessed, Favored, Loved, Joyous, Prosperous, and Not stressed- angry- jealous- sad- and/or any other negative feelings. Thus reflecting, I've had to arrest any negative thoughts or reactions that are trying to steal my joy entering 2016. So that's the first thing. The second which is tied to the first point, is recognizing circumstances, people or instances that are trying to place you in a position where you react or feel negatively. Understand that it is not a coincidence that all of sudden all these thing are coming around to poke at you. Thirdly, the Remedy. Praise and Worship. It works all the time!

So my intentions were to start and end this blog praising God, but I thought it'd be more fruitful to give you some context. Although who needs a reason to praise God. Praising him is reason enough. Just cause.

With that being said...

The lord that answerth by fire, you are my God, The lord that answerth by fire, you are my God. The lord that answerth by fire, you are my God. The lord that answerth by fire, you are my God. The lord that answerth by fire, you are my God. The lord that answerth by fire, you are my God. Heavenly Father, we thank you for your unending Grace and Mercy. We thank you for your unconditional love. We thank you for your faith, and commitment to us, all the days of our lives. God we thank you for all the things in our lives, we thank you for your protection from all forces known and unknown. We thank you for directing the right people into our lives, and ejecting the wrong people out of our lives. We thank you for winning the battles waged against us. God we thank you for your divine hand permanently attached to our lives by fire by force In the mighty name of Jesus. God you are our confidant, you are our Mother, our Father, Brother, Sister and Friend. You are our support, our unending place of peace and ease. Father through you all things are possible, Through you we are whole, we are forgiven, we are renewed, and we are transformed. Father we thank you for making a new thing in us. We thank you for leading us through and to our destination. By fire by force, through our God of suddenly, through our God of new things we will fulfill our destiny. We will not have an untimely death. We will reach our goals, and live a Good long God given life. In Jesus Name. God we thank you for the birthing of our blessing in 2016. They will manifest in our lives by fire. We thank you for our prosperity, our marriage, our fruit in Jesus Name. God we thank you for your transforming Word. By fire by force In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

God I personally thank you for breakthrough, for your consistency, for your unending faith, for your faint voice that has become a roaring whisper. I thank you God for your mercy, I thank you God for pulling me through and beyond my weaknesses and my insecurities. I thank you for giving me courage to push ahead, and surrounding me with love and support when I've been too weak to move forward. I thank you for my job. I thank you for this opportunity and grace. I thank you for my past experiences that have prepared me to not only function, endure, but excel and create. God I thank you for doing All things in my life. God I thank you for such a blessed family, rooted, strong, committed and faithful. I thank you for the next generation of our family. Through you we have legacy. And that legacy will leave the footprint of our God. I thank you for your elevation, from hood, to apartment, to suburb, to home. You have elevated my family to another level in quality of life. You have broken all chains, and have taught us the power in the name of Jesus! God I just thank you. You have moved mountains in my life. I thank you for teaching me patience, and process. I thank you for the revelation in understanding the necessity behind process and the wilderness. God I thank you for introducing me to Chanda, the woman that you intended me to be. Trust me God, I'm going to make all this worth it. I will use your gifts beyond me, to fulfill my God given purpose. In 2016, this year shall be for sites and wonders. My family shall be for sites and wonders. Always the head and never the tail, we will travel, explore, expand, create, multiply, and deliver. As Solomon had experienced prosperity so shall we. As David created novel ways to praise and worship you, so shall we. Our lives will reflect the power of Gods touch. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thank you for reading all the way through. What has God blessed you with?

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