Thursday, December 24, 2015

In Relation to God

So let's talk about relationships.

How is your relationship with God. How do you relate to him, do you relate to him, do you have anything in common. Where do you disagree. Do you have a choice in the matter? Is he your Boo, are you his. Before I embarked on this journey of developing a relationship with Jesus, I had many misconceptions of how to relate and interact with God. In fact I thought the only type of relationship one could have with God, was the father- child relationship. Where God is the authoritative figure, and I the child am muted and compliant. No discussion, no compromise, simply obedience.

As I've developed in our relationship, I've come to understand God more. I've begun to understand his nature. In fact our relationship is like no other. As in your relationship with God, is unique and distinct from my relationship with God. Our God is a spirit, like us. Let me rephrase, we are spirits like our God. And the best way to grow in God, is through our relationship with him.

Can I challenge you to something, that many might find off the wall. If your about to engage in sexual relations with a partner. Meaning your not married, and are having sexual relations. Would you pray to God to guide you in this decision. In fact let me be clear, ask God to protect you from any iniquities or infirmities that may be received through this interaction. Ask God to reveal to you any and everything about this person naturally or spiritually that can cause misalignment in you fulfilling your God given destiny. By doing this, you are giving yourself a choice. In the natural world, without spiritual awareness, all we see are what we are physically exposed to. However when you have a relationship with God, you ask him to give you a line of vision beyond the physical. So now, when you look at a situation you can assess it from a broader perspective. You are more equipped.

So what does all this mean? Simply, God is not your God only when you have it together, or when your behavior is correct. God is your God in the low places. He is your God, when you yourself are ashamed to call your name. He is your God when you are lower then low, practically the dirt between the cracks. God is not a man. In relationship with man, we have to give allowance for people to disappoint us, to hurt us, to come up short. But not with God. Because he is perfect, and his relationship with us is perfect. God will never come up short, he is always by our side, he doesn't hold a grudge, he is always and forever consistent, loving, and loyal. He will never do you dirty. This is with him knowing all our choices and thoughts from beginning to end.

So why not begin courting Jesus. Why not establish an alliance with the King. You two don't have to agree. But get to know him. Get to know how he sees you. What good things he has set aside for you. And no, that relationship doesn't have to be what you envision a relationship with God to be. It can just be. The perfection is in you simply having that relationship with him. Get to a point where your are free enough to tell him any and everything. Where you can be honest, you can be vulnerable, you can be mad, angry, sad, happy, joyous whatever. Trust me, there's nothing you can say to God that would ever surprise him, and you know this. He knows you heart.

So for 2016,  in fact Right Now. Let us all resolve to develop a relationship with the King. Nothing fancy, just honest.

Cheers - Merry Christmas

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