Thursday, December 10, 2015

RENEWING YOUR MIND - 31Day Challenge

Alright, I've taken on the Renewing Your Mind - 31 Day Challenge by video Blogger Dephne Madyara. Check out her page. The challenge is to have an audio version of the Bible play overnight while you sleep for the next 31 days. The purpose is to enrich your spirituality. Now, as we live our lives day to day, there are so many things that demand our attention and consume our time. Before you know it, one day, week, then month has passed by where you haven't had one still moment with God.

So here's one way to start to connect or reconnect with God. Now typically I listen to my Bible App on my cell phone, but that's super dry. It doesn't quite keep my attention. Especially in the wee hours. So, Dephne suggests listening to a dramatization of the Bible, and even provided a link to another YouTuber, Mr Simeon Moses. He has uploaded a playlist of dramatizations of the entire bible from Genesis - Revelation. So that's what I've been listening to overnight.

Few things I've noticed already, my dreams are different from my typical demonic dreams. That's all I'll say about that. Due to the theatrics, I find that I'm listening, while deep in sleep. I don't know if that statement even makes sense, but it's happening, maybe I'm not in deep sleep. I'm more focused during the day. Lately work has been pretty demanding, in fact it's been overwhelming. However, as overwhelmed as I've felt, I haven't quit, quit as in stopped pushing myself. I work at a point that is sufficient, and then a little over that, but now I've been able to push myself beyond that threshold to go the extra mile. This place, that go the extra mile place, the wilderness, feels lonely, cold, just straight up hard. It really takes one having some beyond this level vision to push yourself, when you don't get immediate recognition or praise, or bump up in salary (lol), or it's dark outside, and all your buddies are out, or sleeping. I do truly believe that through this challenge, my perspective has been shaped on this vision I can't see, but feel spiritually.  Maybe this is shaping me to go beyond my limit. Maybe I'll go through this period understanding what it takes to go to the next level, sharpen my skills, and become comfortable in this mode. Increase my speed and broaden my lane.


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