Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stressed Out

Hey Guys,

So I'm in a place of transition. Things in my life are moving forward, but my current responsibilities are keeping me from stepping into the new place. Let me bring some context to this. I'm transitioning into a new role. However, I've had so much work from my present role, that rather than it tapering down, the tasks are expanding. Thus I'm working crazy hours to complete the additional tasks, to close out pending tasks, and to document my progress in all projects.

As I get closer to the start date of my new role, I feel anxious, I feel pressure, I feel overwhelmed. In fact all I can see is my present workload. When I try to think about my new role, it's a distant fantasy, that I don't have time to dream about. In essence my present circumstance has my vision limited to the moment.

Sound familiar? Hmm. Lets talk about breakthrough. Often when we're close to a breakthrough, the enemy steps up his tactics. Some of the maneuvers might be super sophisticated, calculated, and or random. When a breakthrough is manifesting in your life, there's nothing the enemy can do to stop it. In fact your the only one who can stop it by rejecting it. So as a point of desperation, the enemy tries to distract you in your present circumstance. He'll start to push, and press buttons that hurt, that cause a quick irrational reaction, that frustrate you. All these are attempts to have you lose hope in what's been declared yours. Think about it, if the enemy can convince you that there's no future, and that your present circumstance is your final destination, then his job is done.

Your focus and mine should be in continuing to be consistent and completing our work. Notice as the days get closer to my new start date, the pressure and work load increases. Note that when your closest to your breakthrough, you feel the furthest from it. Simply because the enemy is on overdrive trying to frustrate you. Thus whenever I find that I'm obsessing over work or anything in general, I remind myself that I'm so close, and that God is in control, so relax, be humble, be still. At that particular juncture, I also surround myself with the word. Be it sermons, the bible, bible study etc. So that's how I've been managing this short season, lol.

Alright - Cheers

Happy Holidays!

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