Sunday, January 31, 2016


Where are my hot sassy winter boots. I'm a girl about her boots, and I've worn my go-to-ones out. I'm in search of some thigh high suede boots. January clearance needs to make the way... Just saying.

Happy Monday!

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You Matter- First and Foremost

Well, actually it's always God first.  Take care of him and he shall take care of you. As I develop in my relationship, I've found myself sacrificing in the name of God. Stretching myself beyond me, beyond my fiances, beyond my time... However who asked me to do all that. Particularly to the determinant of oneself.

Does anyone else find themselves testing their level of faithfulness. Imposing sacrifices in your life all in the name of God. Now is this sacrifice to honor God, or to honor your strength or ability to keep up with the challenge? In the scriptures we're told not to test God. Specifically in the Gospel of Mark and Luke. Just to paint a quick picture, Jesus is in the wilderness and the Devil comes to tempt him. He does so three times. In one of the instances,  the Devil takes Jesus to the highest point, and dares him to jump off, stating as the son of God, you have Angels who will immediately come to your aid. I'm paraphrasing here, read the book, lol. Jesus responds back to the devil by saying "It is also written: Do not put the Lord your God to the test."

Essentially, don't intentionally expose yourself to strife all for the edification of your faith or your knowing that God exists. In that same vain, I'm taking some liberty in saying that one should not intentionally expose themselves to strife for the purpose of proving to themselves that they are faithful. For instance, you tithe all your money to church. But have a mortgage or rent due. You then turn to God, to ask him about that. Or you tithe all your money to church xyz but at home your Mother, Father, etc are suffering due to lack in finances. You pray to God, to ask him to make provision for your family, but he's provided through you. You chose to give to church xyz.

As people, we have a tendency to create rules, structure, boundaries, limits etc. As we grow in our relationship with God, I think many of us fall into feelings of inadequacy and guilt, and thus start to create rules, and tests for ourselves, to prove to "God", but it's really to prove to ourselves that we are faithful and that we are worthy. So let's just check ourselves on that right now. You being you is worthy and enough. There's no level of sacrifice that you can perform that will trump the sacrifice of Christ, his one and only son. Born, Scarified, Buried and Risen, all for our salvation. So, stop testing yourself.

Secondly we are only as strong as our weakest link. You are of no use to the kingdom, to you, or your family weak. If God has given you the tools, such as the ability to learn, the finances to grow, the job to earn income, and the resources to stretch, you need to work on that. You need to use what God has given you, to adequately prepare for where God is positioning you. If you know God, or have at least read the word, you learn that God is a God of authority, position, and rank. All throughout the scriptures God takes nobodies and gives them authority, positions them, and elevates them in ranking. But with each person, there had been a level of preparation they had prior to assuming their God given roles. It's important that you take time to develop you in all aspects of your life. If you have a task, such a washing dishes at home. That may not be your purpose in life, but maybe looking at the discipline of it all will help you towards your purpose. Learning how to handle your emotions when others dump dishes. Leaning to manage and maintain the kitchen. Challenging yourself to manage the household, creating and maintaining a schedule or routine. hehehe :)

So what am I saying?  Washing dishes may not be your purpose, however going through the process is.  Thus it's important in everything we do, we approach it with a mindset of personal development and growth. We all need to think about the relationships we have, the environments we're in, the things we invest our time to etc. God is about abundance, growth and multiplying. If your in a position where your not progressing, growing as a person, growing financially etc. Then your in a dead space, and God isn't there. And we don't have time to for that.


Friday, January 22, 2016

How to succeed in this Game called Life

Interesting title. Alright so, a little while ago I hired someone to create/update some work for me. She was a Subject Matter Expert in the topic at hand. She worked on a project, and presented her work to me. I reviewed the work, and was a little disappointed. When I reflect back on it, I was disappointed because the work she produced, wasn't drastically different from the initial sample I gave her. In fact, I dictated the updates I needed, and described what I hoped it to be. And as I reviewed the work, what I found, was that she reproduced what I gave her, and only made the updates that I suggested to her. She took no creative licence to even show me the possibilities of what this could be. Even though I asked her to take creative licence.

 Alright so what am I talking about. I hired someone to do work for me, and they did the work. They did exactly what I asked them to do, But didn't think beyond what I asked them to do. So when they presented the work back to me, I had a slew of ideas, of things, and projects we could work on together in the future. Which all cost money. And that money would come from me. But before I started to allocate money and time to a resource, I had to ask myself if that resource was worth that money. And what exactly was I spending that money on.

Think about it. I asked myself to put a price tag on working with someone. I wanted to partner with someone in a creative space in producing something. However all they had to offer were the mechanics. As in they could technically execute what I asked for. However the creativity of the project was limited to my level of creativity and limited to my knowledge of the subject matter at hand. So in my head, in-order for me to evolve and for my project to evolve I'd need to become a subject matter expert in the topic at hand, to then direct you on how to complete my projects. With that being said, the level of effort to gain some level of expertise would cost me time, however long-term save me money on completing the task myself. Thus I saw investing time in me, as the smarter investment in this instance, rather then working with that individual on future projects.

I hope you follow what I'm saying. Anyway as I started a new role at my job, I started reflecting on that interaction and the expectations of my manager and colleagues. I started to examine myself, and trying to determine if I was seen as a valuable resource or just a body completing directed tasks. I then challenged myself to seek out tasks and opportunities, that I hoped added value to my manager and colleagues.

While I am in the corporate world, thinking in this way, isn't limited to that arena. When given the opportunity to take on a task, be it photography, poetry, spoken word, cooking etc. Take each opportunity as your time to shine, and take it beyond even your level. Let that person be the one to tell you to dial it back. When your able to take someones vision and expand the scope or elevate it to another level, because of your expertise, your value is priceless. Meaning the right person will pay for that. But how will the right person know that your a super star, if you slacked off on that 100 dollar job, lol.

Food for thought!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

January Clearance

So, this past weekend, I found myself at Saks Off 5th. My intentions were to hit up BCBG's outlet. But dang it looks like there aren't many BCBG outlets in New Jersey. The one I know of for sure is in Atlantic City. I personally can't justify driving 2 plus hours. Maybe I'll try the NY outlets. Soooo, I headed to Jersey Gardens, looking for the BCBG outlet, only to find that it had been permanently closed. Makes me wonder how BCBG is doing as a whole. Lately, I've noticed a number of BCBG stores have been closed. Now maybe they've been closed for a while, I don't know.

Once I got to Jersey Gardens, and realized BCBG had closed shop, I decided to head to Saks Off 5th. Now Saks is my new guilty pleasure, but my pockets only want to play with the outlets, lol. In Jesus name they'll catch up with my desires.

Anyway I went solely for sweaters. Figured, I could stock up on a few at reduced prices. I found a number of sweaters, and an awesome fedora, which was above my budget, lol. And shoes to match. A greenish bootie by Rag and Bone. I left both, and went home with the sweaters and a pair of jeans. Had to stick to the allotted budget. I was pretty happy with my purchases.

All the sweaters I bought were a little over-sized, nothing snug, I'd say slightly baggy on me. Here are the reasons why. I wanted to be able to wear more of my clingy, snug pieces more often at work, and the loose fitting sweaters/ cardigans would balance the look. Secondly, all the sweaters were made of some percentage of wool. Wool has a tendency to shrink when washed and or placed in the dryer. For my current life style, I don't typically take my clothes to the dry cleaners, I place them in the washer, cold wash or gentle cycle, and in this case for the sweaters I'd hang them to dry. So with that in mind, I'm trying to account for shrinkage. Note there is one sweater I'll probably hand wash, this is me being optimistic. :-)


The sweaters ranged from 30 - 40 dollars. The jeans were a little pricey but not really depending on what you spend on jeans. Those were 50. I'll edit this blog a little later to include the brand.  For me the price of jeans was worth it. It's a challenge sometimes to find a good pair of jeans for a big booty girl, lmao. Where the pricing is reasonable, and the fit is perfect at the waist and your bum without a belt, and doesn't look like super tight leggings. So this pair, makes me look taller and leaner! I'm about that life. 

Update -The Jeans are made by Genetic and the fit is Stem Mid Rise Skinny


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Power of Prayer

Hey Guys,

The Potters House Wednesday Night Bible study has started a new series "Beginning with Prayers". For some reason, I haven't had the heart or eagerness to listen to Bible Study on Wednesday nights. I busy myself with other things, and check out the rebroadcasts later. Today is the first day, in the past weeks where I have sat to stream live. I can't believe how powerful and useful this current series is. I say can't, but I absolutely can.

One thing I appreciate about the Potters House, is the time they take to give you biblical references, historical references and not just emotion provoking references.  It's foundational teaching, not just commands to follow just for following sake.

Praise God.

Check you guys later. Had to share.



Sunday, January 03, 2016

Create Your Own Lane

Not everyone is for you. And your not for everyone. The key is being you for you. God needs you to be you. You need you to be you. And that's all that matters.

Follow your instincts, stayed tuned into God. Stay connected.

You know it's funny, you can never experience true joy, if your not in-tune with who you are. Your blessings will never manifest in abundance. Your blessings are lingering in the atmosphere, waiting for you to step into who you are. In order to receive your blessing, more clearly in order for it to manifest in the physical realm, you have to recognize that it's a blessing. The way you recognize it, is by knowing who you are, and following that feeling within you that tells you to go towards a direction. That direction might look crazy, but with faith, and understanding of who you are, as in what you are purposed to do, you are driven to action. And that action that you are driven to, allows for the manifestation of blessings that have already been given to you.

The way society works today is based on fitting in. Although being an individual is the cool thing to do. It's a certain type of individual that's considered cool or acceptable. Until that "unaccepted" individual breaks the mold, reaches a level beyond success etc, society ignores them and renders them useless. But once success is achieved, then your level of you is added to the cool list.
But let's be real, how can you reach that level of success, as in how can you reach your ultimate glory, if you wasting that time trying to fit in and be someone else. Remember, there are no short cuts in life. There's no instant success. It's all a process. Believe me. Like it or not. You've got to go through it. So if you spend very little time invested in you, learning who you are, and then walking in who your are, you'll always be a shadow of someone else, A slave to societies definition of cool. And as fickle as this world is, one day your in, the next your out. (Excuse the project runway reference, lol.) But seriously. It's fickle. So what do you do. You master someones image, and it's working for you. Then the world say's it's over that image, and then you transform to another image. Like a yo-yo there's never any stability or substance. So fuck that. (Yea excuse my vulgarity). Be you. Let's work on that!