Sunday, January 03, 2016

Create Your Own Lane

Not everyone is for you. And your not for everyone. The key is being you for you. God needs you to be you. You need you to be you. And that's all that matters.

Follow your instincts, stayed tuned into God. Stay connected.

You know it's funny, you can never experience true joy, if your not in-tune with who you are. Your blessings will never manifest in abundance. Your blessings are lingering in the atmosphere, waiting for you to step into who you are. In order to receive your blessing, more clearly in order for it to manifest in the physical realm, you have to recognize that it's a blessing. The way you recognize it, is by knowing who you are, and following that feeling within you that tells you to go towards a direction. That direction might look crazy, but with faith, and understanding of who you are, as in what you are purposed to do, you are driven to action. And that action that you are driven to, allows for the manifestation of blessings that have already been given to you.

The way society works today is based on fitting in. Although being an individual is the cool thing to do. It's a certain type of individual that's considered cool or acceptable. Until that "unaccepted" individual breaks the mold, reaches a level beyond success etc, society ignores them and renders them useless. But once success is achieved, then your level of you is added to the cool list.
But let's be real, how can you reach that level of success, as in how can you reach your ultimate glory, if you wasting that time trying to fit in and be someone else. Remember, there are no short cuts in life. There's no instant success. It's all a process. Believe me. Like it or not. You've got to go through it. So if you spend very little time invested in you, learning who you are, and then walking in who your are, you'll always be a shadow of someone else, A slave to societies definition of cool. And as fickle as this world is, one day your in, the next your out. (Excuse the project runway reference, lol.) But seriously. It's fickle. So what do you do. You master someones image, and it's working for you. Then the world say's it's over that image, and then you transform to another image. Like a yo-yo there's never any stability or substance. So fuck that. (Yea excuse my vulgarity). Be you. Let's work on that!

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