Friday, January 22, 2016

How to succeed in this Game called Life

Interesting title. Alright so, a little while ago I hired someone to create/update some work for me. She was a Subject Matter Expert in the topic at hand. She worked on a project, and presented her work to me. I reviewed the work, and was a little disappointed. When I reflect back on it, I was disappointed because the work she produced, wasn't drastically different from the initial sample I gave her. In fact, I dictated the updates I needed, and described what I hoped it to be. And as I reviewed the work, what I found, was that she reproduced what I gave her, and only made the updates that I suggested to her. She took no creative licence to even show me the possibilities of what this could be. Even though I asked her to take creative licence.

 Alright so what am I talking about. I hired someone to do work for me, and they did the work. They did exactly what I asked them to do, But didn't think beyond what I asked them to do. So when they presented the work back to me, I had a slew of ideas, of things, and projects we could work on together in the future. Which all cost money. And that money would come from me. But before I started to allocate money and time to a resource, I had to ask myself if that resource was worth that money. And what exactly was I spending that money on.

Think about it. I asked myself to put a price tag on working with someone. I wanted to partner with someone in a creative space in producing something. However all they had to offer were the mechanics. As in they could technically execute what I asked for. However the creativity of the project was limited to my level of creativity and limited to my knowledge of the subject matter at hand. So in my head, in-order for me to evolve and for my project to evolve I'd need to become a subject matter expert in the topic at hand, to then direct you on how to complete my projects. With that being said, the level of effort to gain some level of expertise would cost me time, however long-term save me money on completing the task myself. Thus I saw investing time in me, as the smarter investment in this instance, rather then working with that individual on future projects.

I hope you follow what I'm saying. Anyway as I started a new role at my job, I started reflecting on that interaction and the expectations of my manager and colleagues. I started to examine myself, and trying to determine if I was seen as a valuable resource or just a body completing directed tasks. I then challenged myself to seek out tasks and opportunities, that I hoped added value to my manager and colleagues.

While I am in the corporate world, thinking in this way, isn't limited to that arena. When given the opportunity to take on a task, be it photography, poetry, spoken word, cooking etc. Take each opportunity as your time to shine, and take it beyond even your level. Let that person be the one to tell you to dial it back. When your able to take someones vision and expand the scope or elevate it to another level, because of your expertise, your value is priceless. Meaning the right person will pay for that. But how will the right person know that your a super star, if you slacked off on that 100 dollar job, lol.

Food for thought!


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