Thursday, January 21, 2016

January Clearance

So, this past weekend, I found myself at Saks Off 5th. My intentions were to hit up BCBG's outlet. But dang it looks like there aren't many BCBG outlets in New Jersey. The one I know of for sure is in Atlantic City. I personally can't justify driving 2 plus hours. Maybe I'll try the NY outlets. Soooo, I headed to Jersey Gardens, looking for the BCBG outlet, only to find that it had been permanently closed. Makes me wonder how BCBG is doing as a whole. Lately, I've noticed a number of BCBG stores have been closed. Now maybe they've been closed for a while, I don't know.

Once I got to Jersey Gardens, and realized BCBG had closed shop, I decided to head to Saks Off 5th. Now Saks is my new guilty pleasure, but my pockets only want to play with the outlets, lol. In Jesus name they'll catch up with my desires.

Anyway I went solely for sweaters. Figured, I could stock up on a few at reduced prices. I found a number of sweaters, and an awesome fedora, which was above my budget, lol. And shoes to match. A greenish bootie by Rag and Bone. I left both, and went home with the sweaters and a pair of jeans. Had to stick to the allotted budget. I was pretty happy with my purchases.

All the sweaters I bought were a little over-sized, nothing snug, I'd say slightly baggy on me. Here are the reasons why. I wanted to be able to wear more of my clingy, snug pieces more often at work, and the loose fitting sweaters/ cardigans would balance the look. Secondly, all the sweaters were made of some percentage of wool. Wool has a tendency to shrink when washed and or placed in the dryer. For my current life style, I don't typically take my clothes to the dry cleaners, I place them in the washer, cold wash or gentle cycle, and in this case for the sweaters I'd hang them to dry. So with that in mind, I'm trying to account for shrinkage. Note there is one sweater I'll probably hand wash, this is me being optimistic. :-)


The sweaters ranged from 30 - 40 dollars. The jeans were a little pricey but not really depending on what you spend on jeans. Those were 50. I'll edit this blog a little later to include the brand.  For me the price of jeans was worth it. It's a challenge sometimes to find a good pair of jeans for a big booty girl, lmao. Where the pricing is reasonable, and the fit is perfect at the waist and your bum without a belt, and doesn't look like super tight leggings. So this pair, makes me look taller and leaner! I'm about that life. 

Update -The Jeans are made by Genetic and the fit is Stem Mid Rise Skinny


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