Sunday, January 31, 2016

You Matter- First and Foremost

Well, actually it's always God first.  Take care of him and he shall take care of you. As I develop in my relationship, I've found myself sacrificing in the name of God. Stretching myself beyond me, beyond my fiances, beyond my time... However who asked me to do all that. Particularly to the determinant of oneself.

Does anyone else find themselves testing their level of faithfulness. Imposing sacrifices in your life all in the name of God. Now is this sacrifice to honor God, or to honor your strength or ability to keep up with the challenge? In the scriptures we're told not to test God. Specifically in the Gospel of Mark and Luke. Just to paint a quick picture, Jesus is in the wilderness and the Devil comes to tempt him. He does so three times. In one of the instances,  the Devil takes Jesus to the highest point, and dares him to jump off, stating as the son of God, you have Angels who will immediately come to your aid. I'm paraphrasing here, read the book, lol. Jesus responds back to the devil by saying "It is also written: Do not put the Lord your God to the test."

Essentially, don't intentionally expose yourself to strife all for the edification of your faith or your knowing that God exists. In that same vain, I'm taking some liberty in saying that one should not intentionally expose themselves to strife for the purpose of proving to themselves that they are faithful. For instance, you tithe all your money to church. But have a mortgage or rent due. You then turn to God, to ask him about that. Or you tithe all your money to church xyz but at home your Mother, Father, etc are suffering due to lack in finances. You pray to God, to ask him to make provision for your family, but he's provided through you. You chose to give to church xyz.

As people, we have a tendency to create rules, structure, boundaries, limits etc. As we grow in our relationship with God, I think many of us fall into feelings of inadequacy and guilt, and thus start to create rules, and tests for ourselves, to prove to "God", but it's really to prove to ourselves that we are faithful and that we are worthy. So let's just check ourselves on that right now. You being you is worthy and enough. There's no level of sacrifice that you can perform that will trump the sacrifice of Christ, his one and only son. Born, Scarified, Buried and Risen, all for our salvation. So, stop testing yourself.

Secondly we are only as strong as our weakest link. You are of no use to the kingdom, to you, or your family weak. If God has given you the tools, such as the ability to learn, the finances to grow, the job to earn income, and the resources to stretch, you need to work on that. You need to use what God has given you, to adequately prepare for where God is positioning you. If you know God, or have at least read the word, you learn that God is a God of authority, position, and rank. All throughout the scriptures God takes nobodies and gives them authority, positions them, and elevates them in ranking. But with each person, there had been a level of preparation they had prior to assuming their God given roles. It's important that you take time to develop you in all aspects of your life. If you have a task, such a washing dishes at home. That may not be your purpose in life, but maybe looking at the discipline of it all will help you towards your purpose. Learning how to handle your emotions when others dump dishes. Leaning to manage and maintain the kitchen. Challenging yourself to manage the household, creating and maintaining a schedule or routine. hehehe :)

So what am I saying?  Washing dishes may not be your purpose, however going through the process is.  Thus it's important in everything we do, we approach it with a mindset of personal development and growth. We all need to think about the relationships we have, the environments we're in, the things we invest our time to etc. God is about abundance, growth and multiplying. If your in a position where your not progressing, growing as a person, growing financially etc. Then your in a dead space, and God isn't there. And we don't have time to for that.


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