Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ash Wednesday

Alright so, this Lenten season has come in with a kick. There has been some struggle for sure on my end. But thank God, for the ability to recognize distraction, for a calm disposition, and delivering us from all that want to consume us.

Just in case you didn't know, God is constant, consistent, and whole. No matter what is thrown your way, with God you will overcome, you will come through it. You will stand tall above all opposition, and will sing your song and dance your dance.

So this has been an interesting season. All I can say is God is growing me through the process. While in this place, I've been leaning on the book of Job. It's hard to complain when you read the book of Job, lol. It's been a reminder and source of encouragement in not falling subject to self pity, frustration, and all those other ugly spirits. Which I bind by fire in Jesus Name.

I encourage those, you, whomever is going through a confusing period to read the book of Job. Who ever has received unexpected news, received unexpected results, be faithful. Our God, your lord will turn them around. IJMN



Anonymous said...

The book of Job is no joke. May your cup runneth over... hopefully not through the path of Job.

FashionedLouise said...

Amen! :)