Friday, February 12, 2016

Defining Yourself


So I'm spending my Friday night watching Ted Talks.  One particular speaker, Amma Asante, really resonated with me. She spoke about the power of defining yourself. The premise of the talk was to encourage each of us to define ourselves as oppose to allowing society to dictate who we are or who we should be. Although this might be a stretch, what came to mind is a struggle I've been having at work. I have various acquaintances. However I tend to gravitate towards colleagues who are of African decent. For me, those with similar cultural similarities are easier to identify with, simply because its familiar.

However the issue with this is complacency. We, by we I mean me, close ourselves from what is different, and in the grander scheme of things limit our level of growth. Just because something is similar or familiar doesn't imply it's the best thing for you. In fact I've challenged myself to stretch beyond my level of comfort. Now I'm not saying to chuck your colleagues or friends aside. However, learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. And no, those of other races and ethnicities aren't necessarily standing with wide open arms looking to embrace the Black girl. And that's fine. That's their problem not yours. Go to work and to every environment with an open and objective mind.

Put yourself out there, and extend your hand. You might be surprised who extends theirs back. Now, I do think we need to stick with people who are thinkers, doers, innovators, dreamers, leaders, etc. Having progressive minds around is never a bad thing. Whatever package that comes in, embrace it.


Check out Amma Asante's Ted talk.

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