Friday, February 12, 2016

Jesus Ain't about Assuming

As I continue developing my relationship with God, I find myself bolder in conversation. For instance, when I meet a guy, and we're getting to know each other, off the bat I ask him about his relationship with God, or if he even believes in God. That's one of my core values, off the bat deal breaker. So why beat around the bush. So, typically when I get a response, I'm shocked by the response. Let me explain. I've always believed in God. But I never had a relationship with God, until my late 20's. So when I dated, I always assumed that my partner of interest held the same fundamental beliefs, especially as it pertained to Christianity. Unless the person followed a non Christian faith. Then in that insistence that wasn't an option that I elected. So here I am dating and assuming that we are in alignment in believing in Jesus.

Let's think about what I just said. I counted guys out if they followed another religion besides Christianity. But if the guy was ambiguous about his beliefs, or we just never discussed it, he was a potential suitor based on my assumptions, which break down to ignorance on my part. Thus when I date now, and I ask about religious beliefs, and hear all sorts of answers (trust me some very different types of responses), I'm floored at the fact that in the past I might have exposed myself to demonic followers, those who are heavily connected to their ancestral spirits, principalities and or strongholds. No disrespect to anyone, that's just not for me.

God is very transparent and clear. There's no in between with God. He is. And that's that. With that said it's either you believe or you don't. This post is more a reflection on me and my "blissful ignorance". Be careful. If your reading this blog, I'm assuming you have some relationship with God, and with that comes revelation. If you've just stumbled on this, ask questions, lol. Not to me, but to God. And if your seeing someone, or around a particular situation, don't just assume. Ask questions.

Cheers - Happy Lent!

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