Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quick Updates

Hey Guys,

It''s been a while since I've blogged. I think a few weeks. I've got so much to catch you up with. I've posted a few things already. So that's progress. One of the highlights in the last three weeks, have been me finding a church home. Yaay. So for the last 2 years, I've been satisfied with my online family. But of late I've felt the need to find a physical church to attend. For me the driving force has been the need to fellowship.

So I'm part of a non denomination church, which is a bit conservative. Contrary to the type of church, I would have envisioned me joining. I have to cover my head. Truthfully that doesn't bother me. My spirit is at peace with the church, and I'm able to articulate my points, ask questions, and most importantly learn from the members. So big-ups to my new home!

The next thing promotion. Wow. Thank you Jesus. That's all I got to say about that. haha

Alright, Cheers!

Got to go and create more material!

Old Things Made New - Cleaning my Silver with Connoisseurs Polishing Cloth

You know, My Mom gave me this polishing cloth almost 10 years ago.

Hair Daze

Alright Guys! Good Morning!

So I've tried my hand at braiding my own hair. As you know I'm pretty selective on who I allow to touch my head/hair. Your hair is your glory, and your head is a symbol of your grace, and dignity. Thus no one should have access to your head, and if they do, you need to pray and cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus, and declare that the person be filled with nothing but the great intentions of the holy spirit IJMN.

On that note shout out to my hairdresser Sparkles. Love her to pieces!!! So here's my attempt. Key lessons learned, keep trying. Also I don't know what to do with the ends to give them a clean polished finish. Any suggestions, I'm open, please send them my way!

In my Closet

I spend a good amount of time in the mirror, lol. Check out some of those moments.

Family Time

When we capture a picture, we capture a moment. But often miss the process. Thank you God for the journey, and thank God we don't look like we've been through it!

Making the Most of what you've Got

So TD Jakes has preached on this topic often. I've gained most of my inspiration from his sermons on this subject. He often says, "someone could win with your hand". For some of us we feel stuck, upset, frustrated, limited, and dumbfounded with what we have and more importantly what we don't have. The truth of the matter is, God has given you everything you need, to win, right now.

So get up, and work on your perspective. Work on yourself. Shift your desires, to that of service. When you give, it opens up doors.