Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Habitation Clement



Foodie with a side of Rum

This Tuna Tartare was so flavorful. Beyond words. Delisssh

Sometimes it's got to be all about me!


We all saw, we conquered. And at the end Rum saves lives.

Dinning with Grace


Hey Guys...

So this trip was all about me! I enjoyed my company, enjoyed my shine, and just rested. 
I heard about this trip a month and a half ago. At that time, I was itching to travel. We were nearly a quarter of the year in, and I had nothing on the agenda, no plans, no provisions set aside, nada. I even reached out to friends and family to try and set something up, but no one was available. And through divine connection, God connected me to a friend who was curating a trip to the islands. A food tour in Martinique. At first glance,  I squinted my eyes at it a little bit. Then I go, Wait! Martinique, villa, food tour. I'm in. Done. No regrets.

While there, I had spotty wireless, so I couldn't stream any videos. Plus my Iphone battery drained too quickly to listen to music beyond 20 minutes. Seriously. Thus I spent every morning watching the sunrise with Jesus. I did a bit of reading early mornings. I actually have been reading the New Testament. So I got through a few books, and another book  (Prevail by Cindy Trimm), at least half way.

This was a very blessed trip. I drank rum most of the days (sorry to those who are offended), cracked jokes, played with my feet in the water, and enjoyed 80 degree days. The views of the landscape were beautiful, my pictures do them no justice.

I want to thank God for doing a good thing in me. Through you God I've overcome my baggage, and your confidence shines within me, and is reflected through me. Jesus I love you!

Martinique - Sunshine




Monday, April 18, 2016


Hey Guys, 

So last week I headed to Vermont for work. I didn't get a chance to site see. When I head back, I'll rent a car, and take more pics of the scenic views, as it is Gorgeous.

Besides work, I spent time eating and drinking. Gees that sounds limiting, lol, But I had a blast!


I found most people very friendly, service oriented, and down to earth. Definitely a place worth visiting. Not to mention a 2 hour drive to Montreal. :-)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Holiday Ready - Swim Suites Target NY&CO

Hey Guys! Mwah!

Ok, so, it's just about that time. My first trip of the year abroad. This time round, I'm headed to the islands. A french island. I sound like something boy, ha. I'll disclose the destination and all, in my trip review -  something something. Not sure what to title that yet.

Anyway, I've been on a budget. And I still needed to make this happen. As in pack a few must haves...

1. Bathing suite
2. Toiletries
3. Beach Towel
4. Beach Mat
5. Slippers - Beach
6. Slippers to walk around in during tours and exploring
7. Walking shoes
8. Sandals - High heel ( A sister is thinking about the marriage, lol)
9. Summer attire - lightweight pieces
 a. Shorts
 b. Sun dresses
 c. Tank Tops/ Cotton Blouses
10. Insect replant
11. Mani/Pedi - I'm going for that sherbet look (Pastel Colors)
12. Bikini Wax
13. Hair
14. PJs
15. Head Tie and Shower Cap
16. Undergarments (Undies and Bras) - I got 2 packs of undies and two additional Bras
17. Anoiting oil - To bless you room and where ever you step foot

I have not been contemplating bringing any exercise clothes. So that's that. A couple of things to note. I spent most of my time and money at New York & Co and Target.

At NY&CO I found:

1. My Shorts- short shorts that cover my behind, and still make it look nice and luscious, without doing the most.
2. Blouse - Got a couple of light weight Blouses

At Target I found:

1. My Bathing suites. This was hard. I picked up at least 15 variations of bathing suites, and had to try each on. All size Large (Top and Bottom)

 For me I got bikini cut styles for my bottoms, they offered the most coverage. By coverage I don't mean hiding my bottom. I'm really referring to the fit. I wasn't exposing my yansh. It's tasteful. So no cracks or thongs for me. Just my preference. I'll post pics, when I'm in them hahaha. Oh yes, I got 4 bathing suite. I love them all by the way. SO Good job Target!
2. Coverup- I got two. Their both eyelet material, one is a light dusty pink, and the other white.

Last minute, I decided to get some sundresses. So I headed to Dor L’Dor.

At Dor L’Dor I found:
1. One really Mod styled dress in cobalt blue
2. One sort of backless dress hahhaa. 
3. A party Dress, I actually had 2/3 party dresses already packed (In the instance we hit the clubs)

Nice to haves:
1. Snacks for the plane, and through out my stay

I've Jujued up my look. Gotten a little lighter with my hair.

Alright you'll.

Cheers - God Bless you. Thank you Jesus for making the way for this trip and all things possible!

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

In my Closet

Alright, so I've been all up and down at NY & Co lately. I'e been obsessed with pencil skirts and floral. It's spring, it's expected. I've got four pencil skirts right now, but no pictures of the green one. The shorts are from Boltons.