Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Dropping all things Petty

Hi Guys!

Just popping in to say a quick-ish hello! It's been busy for the past month or so. I've really been focusing on work, and now church, lol. In between I've been going out... Below are a few of things I've noticed this past month.

1. Unfriendly friends

When I let go of a few (I mean a lot of) unfriendly friends, I've felt a sense of freedom. Freedom to focus on me, to not focus on trying to accommodate people who really don't like me, lol. And freedom to be the best me. I find and recognize that I have a tendency to dull my light to pander to others. And I'm in a space where I don't have time for that. There's too much life to live, too much on my destiny to move in someone else's agenda.

As we all know, those that truly love you, don't require anything of you. They love you as you. They lift, support and encourage you.

2. Not everyone is a leader. In fact very few view themselves as leaders, and that's ok. However, if you’re a leader, you have ideas, you have thoughts, and you’ve got a vision. Start to develop that. Forget fitting in, don't be afraid to stand out, you’re not looking to be the best amongst a group, but rather to stand out in a league of your own. That's who you Are. You’re Creative. Create!

3. Getting busy for Jesus has been AMAZING. Ok, so I’ve noticed a difference in my life when the following occurred:
a. Tithing (monetarily) Decreased
b. Tithing with my time (8 hours per week) Increased

Prior to joining my church I had been tithing monetarily. I saw changes in my life, but they don’t compare to the changes I’ve seen since I’ve started working for God.

By working for God I don’t mean evangelical work (if I’m using this in the wrong context, please correct me), going out to preach. That’s not my thing. What I’ve been doing is ushering, and hopefully helping to establish a professional networking platform within the youth ministry. I’m applying more of my clerical skill-sets to the needs of the church. Through that, I’ve seen progressive movement in other facets of my life. Progressive, like promotion, elevation, confidence, focus. Focus is the most important one here. It falls along the lines of purpose. When you’re focused, and you have a purpose, little things, in fact big things that come to distract you, to lay waste in your life, fall to the side lines. The definition of petty expands, because you’re so focused, even the big things that the enemy throws your way, you don’t have time for. What’s amazing about this, is how this renewed mindset transcends beyond your duties at church. It takes over in your approach and thoughts at home, at work, with your loved ones. Heck with those you don’t quite adore, lol.

So let’s get busy for Jesus!


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