Sunday, April 17, 2016

Holiday Ready - Swim Suites Target NY&CO

Hey Guys! Mwah!

Ok, so, it's just about that time. My first trip of the year abroad. This time round, I'm headed to the islands. A french island. I sound like something boy, ha. I'll disclose the destination and all, in my trip review -  something something. Not sure what to title that yet.

Anyway, I've been on a budget. And I still needed to make this happen. As in pack a few must haves...

1. Bathing suite
2. Toiletries
3. Beach Towel
4. Beach Mat
5. Slippers - Beach
6. Slippers to walk around in during tours and exploring
7. Walking shoes
8. Sandals - High heel ( A sister is thinking about the marriage, lol)
9. Summer attire - lightweight pieces
 a. Shorts
 b. Sun dresses
 c. Tank Tops/ Cotton Blouses
10. Insect replant
11. Mani/Pedi - I'm going for that sherbet look (Pastel Colors)
12. Bikini Wax
13. Hair
14. PJs
15. Head Tie and Shower Cap
16. Undergarments (Undies and Bras) - I got 2 packs of undies and two additional Bras
17. Anoiting oil - To bless you room and where ever you step foot

I have not been contemplating bringing any exercise clothes. So that's that. A couple of things to note. I spent most of my time and money at New York & Co and Target.

At NY&CO I found:

1. My Shorts- short shorts that cover my behind, and still make it look nice and luscious, without doing the most.
2. Blouse - Got a couple of light weight Blouses

At Target I found:

1. My Bathing suites. This was hard. I picked up at least 15 variations of bathing suites, and had to try each on. All size Large (Top and Bottom)

 For me I got bikini cut styles for my bottoms, they offered the most coverage. By coverage I don't mean hiding my bottom. I'm really referring to the fit. I wasn't exposing my yansh. It's tasteful. So no cracks or thongs for me. Just my preference. I'll post pics, when I'm in them hahaha. Oh yes, I got 4 bathing suite. I love them all by the way. SO Good job Target!
2. Coverup- I got two. Their both eyelet material, one is a light dusty pink, and the other white.

Last minute, I decided to get some sundresses. So I headed to Dor L’Dor.

At Dor L’Dor I found:
1. One really Mod styled dress in cobalt blue
2. One sort of backless dress hahhaa. 
3. A party Dress, I actually had 2/3 party dresses already packed (In the instance we hit the clubs)

Nice to haves:
1. Snacks for the plane, and through out my stay

I've Jujued up my look. Gotten a little lighter with my hair.

Alright you'll.

Cheers - God Bless you. Thank you Jesus for making the way for this trip and all things possible!

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