Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hey Guys...

So this trip was all about me! I enjoyed my company, enjoyed my shine, and just rested. 
I heard about this trip a month and a half ago. At that time, I was itching to travel. We were nearly a quarter of the year in, and I had nothing on the agenda, no plans, no provisions set aside, nada. I even reached out to friends and family to try and set something up, but no one was available. And through divine connection, God connected me to a friend who was curating a trip to the islands. A food tour in Martinique. At first glance,  I squinted my eyes at it a little bit. Then I go, Wait! Martinique, villa, food tour. I'm in. Done. No regrets.

While there, I had spotty wireless, so I couldn't stream any videos. Plus my Iphone battery drained too quickly to listen to music beyond 20 minutes. Seriously. Thus I spent every morning watching the sunrise with Jesus. I did a bit of reading early mornings. I actually have been reading the New Testament. So I got through a few books, and another book  (Prevail by Cindy Trimm), at least half way.

This was a very blessed trip. I drank rum most of the days (sorry to those who are offended), cracked jokes, played with my feet in the water, and enjoyed 80 degree days. The views of the landscape were beautiful, my pictures do them no justice.

I want to thank God for doing a good thing in me. Through you God I've overcome my baggage, and your confidence shines within me, and is reflected through me. Jesus I love you!

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