Monday, May 30, 2016


So this week I achieved something in a few hours that I could not achieve these past two years. For the past two years I've been praying to God for a specific thing. After I'd pray, I would do things that I thought positioned me towards attaining what I prayed for but saw no progress. Finally Tuesday, I got frustrated and questioned God. After venting, I took a step back, and said I know whose I am. God wouldn't place me in a position to settle. So I decided to change my approach. I decided to start giving out, what I was praying to receive. I intentionally set a goal that morning, to give my time so that someone else would benefit from it. While in the process of execution, I received a call that day about what I had prayed for. By 3pm the following day I had received it. Lesson learned. God calls us to be obedient, to be self sacrificing. If you find that you are praying and that your prayers haven't been answered. Take a step forward, and ask yourself, what are you doing for the world.Take ownership of your prayers and put them to action by blessing someone, because your faith tells you that your blessing is coming. God is accountable.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Dolce Vita


Meditate on this. Please don't mind me, lol. Hey Guys. I'm super beat. As in exhausted. This week I joined my churches praise dance group. So the group consists of the teacher, and me, lol. Outside of work, and other things, it's surprising that I'd make room for that.

So, after work each day, I've headed to church to practice for 2 hours plus, for an upcoming event. But I can't front. Being on a praise dance team, has been one of my aspirations for a while. So here we go... I actually wanted to write about my experience with the team, and my church. However, I'm too tired to go through the process of recapping some events, crafting it into a story, and then pushing the underline message forth, lol. That will be for another day. No shade to me.

However today, I just want to encourage you. Whoever you are. Your more than a conqueror. Your beyond just being satisfied, just making it, and being an over comer. You are the head, a trail blazer, creator, dynamic, effervescent... The unstoppable spark, Gods Gold, his chosen. His beloved. So stop wasting time on what God didn't intend for you. Let's focus on you. :-)


Fashion on holiday to Martinique

Cover-ups and swimsuits. That sums up my vaca attire in Martinique.
On average the temperature was 88 degrees Fahrenheit. You could literally wake up at 1/2 am in the morning and enjoy a comfortable 75 degrees by the water. So naturally I dressed very light. I can't review much on the fashion there. Since I was part of a group, most of the activities we had, were tailored to and attracted tourists. So on the next visit, as I become more acclimated, we'll see whose who, in fashion.