Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Meditate on this. Please don't mind me, lol. Hey Guys. I'm super beat. As in exhausted. This week I joined my churches praise dance group. So the group consists of the teacher, and me, lol. Outside of work, and other things, it's surprising that I'd make room for that.

So, after work each day, I've headed to church to practice for 2 hours plus, for an upcoming event. But I can't front. Being on a praise dance team, has been one of my aspirations for a while. So here we go... I actually wanted to write about my experience with the team, and my church. However, I'm too tired to go through the process of recapping some events, crafting it into a story, and then pushing the underline message forth, lol. That will be for another day. No shade to me.

However today, I just want to encourage you. Whoever you are. Your more than a conqueror. Your beyond just being satisfied, just making it, and being an over comer. You are the head, a trail blazer, creator, dynamic, effervescent... The unstoppable spark, Gods Gold, his chosen. His beloved. So stop wasting time on what God didn't intend for you. Let's focus on you. :-)


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