Saturday, August 13, 2016

When Praises Go Up

I believe in the power of the word. I believe in the power of the lord. I believe in speaking positivity, growth, and blessings into my life. I'm not afraid, the devil has no power over me. I'm working harder then I was meant to work, because I understand if I praise God beyond my level, God will unleash blessings to me today, that were meant for me 5, 10 years from now. I understand that I have the power to change my story, through praise. I understand that I have the power to bless myself through my own words. I understand that I can wrestle with God for my blessings, in the same way Jacob did. When you know your power, and understand that God is the way maker. There's no need to acknowledge the devil. Because he can't make things happen that God won't allow. He has to ask for permission. So why continue to fuss with the middle man, the wanna be. When you can go to the creator and discuss your future.  Your going through it right now, I hear you. Push,fight, and Praise. Don't settle for just making it. Push yourself like a crazy person, because you know your condition is not your circumstance, and that your circumstance is not your condition. God has a future for you, that is waiting to be claimed. No need to wait 30 years for that blessing, praise your way through it!


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