Monday, September 26, 2016

Accept that you will stand out!

God, I am not there yet. But I'm trying. I see you have a vision beyond me, for me. I see you. I'm trying. Continue to strengthen and guide me. In Jesus Name


The struggle is real. But God is faithful. I will continue to push myself until the walls break down (whatever those walls are for you, insert here). So, I'm entering a new season which requires that I start trusting people. For the past few years, I've been in some form of isolation. I've been around people, however there's been but so far in which I've allowed them in. In fact I've been living in a world, where I'm constantly retreating to God. Nothing wrong with that, but I can't hide behind God. Let me rephrase that. You can't turn off a part of the world. It's either you turn it off, and miss both the Good and bad parts, or keep it on (staying connected to it) and experience both the Good and bad parts.

Now here's the thing, when God blesses people. He typically does it through other people. So, you need to be around people. I've heard and seen this concept manifest. Most of my blessings, if not all have come through people, from God. What about ones vision and purpose?

I understand ones purpose and vision to be connected to service. The best way to serve God, is through people. You serve people, you serve God. Through service, you connect to others and become connected to God. Through service, your vision and purpose manifest or are sharpened. As in you gain confirmation: this is where I'm meant to be, or what I'm suppose to be doing. Or run - run Swiss Robinson, danger danger. (Please don't mind me, my friend says that all the time, and that's how I interpret what I hear.)

Ok, so what is the bottom line. I need to drop the walls, and allow a team to form, so that I can execute God's purpose and vision. I can't do it alone. I also can't delegate effectively, if I don't trust and let go. In order to move to the next dimension, I need to open my heart and trust God.  Please note, that you need to stay connected to God, in order to discern who you should allow into your inner circle. In fact even your outer circle.

Please note, that your vision won't manifest until you work towards manifesting someone else's vision. There are several lessons to be learned and growing pains with this. Which are all necessary. However, this is a topic for another day.

Happy New Week!


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