Saturday, September 17, 2016

Forward Ever Backward Never

Often we flirt with things of the past. We think the you today is smarter, brighter, prettier and more equipped to manage those things we couldn't manage "x" number of years ago. We think the me today can take that past thing and turn it into a happy ending (hehe). So here you go, inviting foolishness into your future.

But let me challenge you. Could it be, that you already took the best things of the past into your future. Meaning the things that stung, that hurt, and challenged you, have now developed you. They have created and strengthened this present you.

But now, after stepping into this new level of you, you decide to look back at the scraps in the past, and connect with the dead things (that you didn't carry the first time round into your future), with the hopes of giving it life. Why.

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