Monday, September 05, 2016

Level Up - You are A Product of Your Environment

You are the company that you keep. It's hard for even the strongest character to not be influenced by those that they are continuously around or by the things they consistently see and or hear. It's inevitable that one develops a level of intimacy with their daily routine. So mind the company you keep, and the messaging you receive.

With that said I think it's important to be part of a church that is growing. Seriously. In the physical. Spiritual growth is great. But we live here in the physical realm. Thus any group or association your tied to, should be developing and evolving. Meaning if your part of a church, there should be a vision, and a manifestation of that vision. This concept applies in every arena of our life. Don't hang around dead things. They can't give you life. So take a step back and assess all areas of your life.


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