Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Battle is Always for your Mind

Hey Guys- Happy Sunday!

A quick note to you. Stay calm, stay focused, and protect your mind. I'll add your heart to that. I remember listening to a Touré Roberts sermon a few months ago. Where he stated, the enemy doesn't want your things, he wants your mind. If he can get you to think that there's no hope, that you're worthless, that there's no room for you in Gods Grace and Mercy. Then he's got you. He's won. He doesn't need your things, he wants your soul.

So how do we apply this concept to our daily lives. Simple.
1. Stay connected to God.
2. Walk away from sin. It's the easiest way to stay connected to God.
3. Keep your circle positive. Surround yourself with people that deposit into your life. Positive deposits only.

4. Stay away from people that don't allow you to be yourself. If you find that your trying to prove your value to someone, to anyone, then let them go.
5. Protect your eyes and your ears. Be mindful of what your consuming. Music, TV, Gossip, BS. Self depreciating messages.
6. Stay away from those that want you stay at your current level. Nobody has time for that.
7. Arrest your mind. Often we get caught up in wayward thoughts. Nostalgia takes a hold of us. If you find yourself dwelling on something that takes you to a low place, you need to actively work through that, and move on to healthier thoughts.
8. Learn to FORGIVE yourself. (And others) We've all done things we aren't proud of. Facts. Acknowledge it, repent, forgive, and move on.



Sal-Hiram said...

Love your blog...continue to inspire

FashionedLouise said...

Thanks Sal!