Tuesday, July 04, 2017

A Cool Breeze

Cleaning my room; the upward climb. Man, so I’m pretty uptight when it comes to my living space. I love a carefree, neat space. It allows me to think, feel comfortable, unload, relax, be creative etc. But when it’s a mess, I can’t function. I’m not at ease. Thus my place has been cluttered, dusty, and just funky.

I’ve been on a 2 month journey to de-clutter. I have a lot of things. But this has taken way too long. So this week July 4th. It’s a wrap. I need to feel like I’m luxuriating wherever I’m staying. Being a homebody, my home is top on my list. So question to my workers, Moms, travelers, how do you keep up with home base. I can do the cleaning daily (when I’m actually there), the little stuff, but truth be told the house needs a deep clean at least once a month. You know the wash the windows, and walls, type of clean. How does everyone keep up?

To paint the picture, my siblings and I live in my Mom's house. She lives out of state. So we manage the house. Growing up, we always lived in apartments. But as adults, we live in a house. Maintaining a house is very different from an apartment. My approach has been to take it one room at a time. My studio space is my focal point, since that's my primary living space. Anyone else struggling?

The Benefits of a Clean and Tidy space (In my opinion – HA)

     1. Order

     2. Organization

     3. A sense of accomplishment

     4. A feeling of peace

     5. Clarity

     6. Confidence

     7. Value

     8. Openness (Your more willing to entertain)

Alright let me stop typing and get to it. Hold me accountable!

Thank God for his blessing, and the grace to manage the burdens that come along with them.


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