Saturday, July 08, 2017

A year in my current role now what?

5 things I’ve learned this past year.

1. The God factor. In everything you do, see the God in it. Some might view this as a call to be optimistic, but it’s more than that. It’s a call to purpose. A call to be goal driven. There is something to be accomplished, despite our mood or disposition.

2. Be patient. Allow yourself time to learn, to fail, to grow, to not know and to discover. Allow others time to learn, to fail, to grow, to not know, to discover and to teach you.

3. Be intentional, not selective. Be kind, greet, acknowledge and help everyone. Be mindful of how you are doing these things. Be consistent in how you treat everyone.

4. Have a spirit of service. Stretch beyond your vision, and into the vision of someone else.

5. Be a good ambassador. If the platform supporting you lacked in some arena, or you had a bad experience or interaction. Proactively fill that gap by giving what you lacked to someone new. Create a great experience and interaction with someone new. Pioneer a new experience and elevate the standard.

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