Tuesday, July 04, 2017

But I’m Woke, Now!

So, I joined a cult. Almost, or did, I. Hmm

A couple of months ago, I reconnected with a friend. She invited me to a volunteer event, feeding the poor. There I met other volunteers, who were down for the cause, excited about life, and had a sense of camaraderie I rarely see. My friend, and the other volunteers were affiliated to a program that offered empowerment seminars/ workshops. Apprehensive, I agreed to attend the programs welcome/introductory session. I eventually signed up for a weekend workshop. Which then evolved, into me signing up for a series of workshops. After attending the first two series, and in the midst of gearing up for a 3 month commitment in the next round of workshops, I had a God dream. It put a halt on everything (workshop related). This dream was demonic in nature. When I woke up, the workshop popped into my mind.

If you’re wondering, how can one have a God dream that is demonic? Let me explain. The nature of what was happening in the dream was demonic. I received that dream as a revelation from God, revealing to me what was happening spiritually within my life. Thus I took a step back. I fasted and prayed for the duration of the week, to get in alignment with God and to also break any covenants I may have entered into. Besides the dream, there were things throughout the seminar that were red flags, however I rationalized them. Alright I’m done with that.

One thing I want you guys to note, is that the workshop was a modern day, group therapy session. That's how I would describe it. One would think that there's no spiritual impact or ties to it. However, I caution you to pray over it. Ask God, to have you take from it the God things, and to reject and leave everything else which is not of him there. In Jesus Mighty Name.

The things I learned from the workshop.

1. I’ve been playing around with God. But I’m Woke now.

I realized that I’ve been living life complacently. I haven’t been living as though God is on my side and has my back. Think about it. You have the ultimate power backing you, the creator, and with all that, my life is the best I can come up with right now. Why am I not running for President, living in Dubai, impacting a country full of women? There’s a level of Boldness, I’d even say cockiness I should have, knowing whose I am. I should recognize my source of strength, which lives within me.
Jesus Christ.

2. I’ve been ignoring God’s work. I got so focused on me, and trying to serve myself. I let Gods plan fall by the wayside. There are distinct things God has asked me to do. Let’s do it Chanda!

3. Every step counts. The workshops were held on weekends, which meant I missed church. I noticed as time progressed, my desire to go to church decreased. Eventually my desire to watch the missed sermons online also decreased. In a matter of two months, I was quickly moving away from the presence of God.

So that’s the gist of it. Another interesting experience that my family, you, and I can laugh about it.

Later - God Bless

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