Monday, July 03, 2017

South Africa - Foodie

It’s approaching a year since I visited South Africa. Cape Town to be specific. It was a phenomenal experience. I traveled with my Grandmother, and met with her cousins (who also live in the states). We rented an Airbnb located walking distance from Parliament, with a view of Table Mountain right outside of our window. We were in Cape Town for nearly two weeks. Where do I start? The Food. Wow!

The food was Bomb. The freshest food I’ve had in life. But, you know what? Let me start this off right. Thank you God for this opportunity. This trip came out of nowhere. Last year, if you check out the blog history, I took two trips. The first to Martinique, the second to Aruba. I surely wasn’t done travelling for the year, however I made no provisions for a third trip. 

So here I am, just chilling minding my own business, two weeks after returning from Aruba, when my Uncle calls. 

Hey Chanda, how do you feel about going to South Africa? Well, umm I feel great about it Bruh! When do I go? Seriously, the discussion went just that way. Ok, Chanda I’ll book a flight for you and your Grandmother, you’ll pay for your boarding. That works! Now back to the food, ain’t God Great! My future husband, please take notes. This is how my Father spoils me.

My cousin Ashley and Grandma Dawn researched tours and wineries for us to visit. We also went on a weekend safari. Yes, the Golden Girls and I. During our Safari, we met a native South African, who invited us to his home for dinner. Not encouraging anyone to head to a strangers house. But we went. It was Bomb. He cooked a four course meal for us, with wine pairings. The foodie in me had an orgasm, like twice. It was the highlight of our trip.

Cheers! May God bless you as you read this! Thanks for visiting.

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